The Veiled Court

Alexander, the crown prince of the Fey, is awakened in the middle of the night and summoned to his father’s chambers. He worries his father might be dying, but he soon learns of a very different tragedy. Every man and woman among the Fey has a cariad, another person who will make them complete, according to legend. Alexander finds out within moments not only that his cariad is a man but also that the king banished this helpless young man from the Fey realm ten years ago in a selfish act of prejudice and superstition. Furious and frantic, Alexander sets out to find the man who holds the other half of his heart—and bring him home.

Barnes and Noble

When Nathaniel is told the identity of his cariad—the person he is supposedly fated to love—he finds himself reliving a pain he’s spent a year fighting. He’d been trying to forget his love for Reese, only to be told by the seers that he’s meant to be with Reese’s sister. Nathaniel had never planned on letting his people’s beliefs dictate who he would love, but his heart makes the situation so unbearable he has no choice but to walk away.

Seeing Nathaniel again awakens a restlessness in Reese that he doesn’t understand. He thought he’d been glad to be rid of the prince, but Reese finds he’s never lost his hunger for the man. When Nathaniel says he wants Reese’s love or nothing at all, Reese has to decide what he actually wants from the prince.