Friday, December 28, 2012

New Release: Stand and Deliver (Tales of the Highwaymen, 1)

I am very happy this day has arrived, not only because I love this series but also because my writing partner's excitement has been driving me mad ever since I uttered the fatal sentence, "I think a series about highwaymen would be fun, don't you?"

The idea began several months ago as I was driving to teach my night class. Adam Ant's "Stand and Deliver" popped up as my iPod shuffled through songs during the hour-long drive. (If you remember this song or just want a quick bit of goofiness, you can watch the video here.) I'd been feeling a bit burned out on editing and submissions reading, and none of my WIPs were really holding my attention, so I started plotting something just for the fun of it. It started out as an idea for Evernight's Naughty Fairy Tale line, but I soon realized the original idea was only the beginning of the story. The story of my first couple, Adam and Eloise, was very simple. I didn't want to shove in filler just to hit a certain word length, so I used it as the starting point of the tale of three different couples finding a happily ever after.

We loved watching these characters evolve and thoroughly enjoyed exploring their world. Stand and Deliver is available now (links are below), and the next book will be out January 15.


Eloise thought being whisked to another dimension by a handsome man would be a fantasy come true, but the gorgeous nobleman in question can’t even make her come. As she tries to figure out how to free herself of him, she begins to notice a masked man following her wherever she goes.

In this world of lords and ladies, should she be afraid when this dashing highwayman rides up and demands that she be delivered into his arms? Her brain tells her to be wary, but her body tells her that the ultimate fantasy might be within reach after all…

Teaser Excerpt:

Adam watched Eloise closely. They were in one of the bedrooms of the abandoned Trancy manor, which served as Gerard’s home and headquarters. He had tied her, very loosely, to a chair with silk scarves. She’d made no effort to free herself. The looks she’d given him and the heaving of her breasts told him she was aroused, but he could tell she was embarrassed by it and trying to fight it.
“You aren’t screaming or trying to run away, my lady. I believe you’ve been looking forward to this meeting.”
She searched his eyes. “You’re no ordinary highwayman. I know your voice. You must have been at one of Theodore’s parties.”
Though he was glad she at least knew his voice, it bruised his ego a bit she couldn’t properly place it. “You’re right. I have only been a highwayman for a month. And there is only one treasure I have wanted to steal.”
Her eyes widened. “Really?”
He walked over to her and caressed her cheek, enjoying the feel of her trembling. “Yes.”
“There are easier ways to attract a lady’s attention.”
He went down on one knee and cupped her cheek more fully. “Like this?” He captured her lips, taking advantage of her gasp to fully ravish her mouth. She stiffened, but he held fast, and soon she melted in the embrace. She was breathless when he let her go.
The game he was now playing seemed to arouse her even more. “I believe I have your attention now.” He dipped his head down to kiss her neck. Then lower. He tightened his grip on her shoulder as his lips neared her breasts. Her heart pounded in her chest as his lips caressed the tops of the soft mounds. “Are you frightened, my lady?”
“That is a trick question.”
He looked up at her. “Is it?”
“You’re very good at seduction, but you’re also a kidnapper.” She took a labored breath. “And I’m a goddamned fool for not wanting you to stop.”
He laughed, though he could see in her eyes that she was a little afraid, despite her body’s reaction to him. “Perhaps, Eloise, your heart knows you shouldn’t fear me. Don’t be angry at my little deception.” He untied his mask and let it slip from his face.

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Friday, November 9, 2012

New Release: With the Boys in the Band (MMF)

With the Boys in the Band, my MMF contemporary with a paranormal twist, is now available!

Working as an assistant for the metal band Serration is Alicia’s dream gig—a far cry from the cubicle she abandoned at her old job. She promised herself she wouldn’t become starstruck, but the band’s frontman, Vince, proves very hard to ignore. She manages to resist him on a daily basis, but soon she finds herself thinking about the keyboardist, Emerson, all the time.

The two men’s closeness confuses her a little, and Vince’s promiscuous reputation makes her wary, but when Emerson invites her to Vince’s summer house for a week-long getaway, she jumps at the chance. A single day in such close quarters convinces Alicia of one thing: these two men want each other as much as they want her. Will they only see each other as rivals, or will they give in and let her lure them both to her bed and her very willing arms?


Vince made his way down the stairs quickly and flung the front door open. A smile came to his face as Emerson and Alicia stepped out of the car and turned toward him in unison, both of them pushing their hair out of their faces in an equally synchronized gesture. As he smiled and locked eyes with Alicia, a mixture of lust and jealousy swirled inside him. He would love to get her in his bed, but he was far more interested in getting Emerson there instead. Knowing the two people before him were likely to sleep together soon, and picturing what it would be like, made him ache in a way he didn’t fully understand, even as it turned him on a little. When he switched his gaze to Emerson, the other man’s guarded expression made Vince’s smile fade.
“How was the drive?” Vince asked.
“Good. No traffic.” He moved around to the back of the car to retrieve the bags.
Vince came forward to help. “I had a guest room made up. Across the hall from yours.”
“Put my stuff there. Give her my room,” he said, keeping his voice low.
Vince hesitated, but then he picked up two of Emerson’s bags. “Okay.” He glanced back to Alicia, who was admiring the house and walking away from them. “Will it even matter?” he added playfully, nudging Emerson’s leg with his knee.
Emerson’s frustration showed in the firm set of his mouth and the white-knuckled grip he had on the bags. “Her having the choice matters. My room is nicer, so put her there. I’ll tell her it’s mine if she asks, but I’d rather not make a big deal out of it.” He sighed and brushed past Vince. “I’m not like you, Vince.”
I wish you were. Vince didn’t even try to hide his emotions as he watched the retreating form of the man he loved. He took two deep breaths and reined it all in, however, before turning to Alicia.
“You like it?”
She nodded. “It looks familiar.”
He motioned for her to follow him inside. “It’s vaguely based on a famous house in Cologny in Switzerland.” When they reached the foyer, he pointed to a montage of pictures on the wall between two windows. “The Villa Diodati.”
“Ah. The Frankenstein house. Yeah, I saw it in a documentary on the novel. Who designed this one?”
“I did, a little. Someone who knew what he was doing did the actual designing, but the idea was mine. We went back and forth for weeks to get it exactly the way I wanted it. I plan to eventually sell my other place in the city and live here all the time.”
“It’s a lovely setting.” Her eyes took in everything as she turned slowly.
“I love being here. I hope you feel welcome. Let me know if you need anything.”
Emerson coughed, and Vince looked up at the landing. “Coming, darling.” Smiling broadly at Emerson’s scowl, he gestured for Alicia to go before him up the stairs.
She shook her head as she did so. “You guys are here to relax. Don’t get him all pissed off the first day.”
“You think it pisses him off?”
She looked very thoughtful as they slowly made their way up. Had they talked about him in the car? Or had she simply noticed how much Vince teased him? He hardly knew any other way of showing affection, and he wanted to show Emerson so much affection it drove him half mad some days.
“Maybe a little. He really cares about you.”
Vince’s heart sped for a moment. Had he said that or had she come to the conclusion herself? “I love him more than I love anyone else in the world.”
They both stopped after the words had tumbled out. He tried to say something else, but she beat him to it.
“Then listen to him. He’s worried about you. He loves you, too.”
What did that mean? Before he could ask, Emerson came down the hall and took his own bags from Vince. “Thank you,” he said curtly. Turning to Alicia, he said, “I’ll show you yours. Hope you like it.”
Alicia gave Vince a sweet smile before walking away. He leaned against a pillar, his stomach churning. Emerson was worried about him. His mind whirled with all the different ways he could interpret that. He glanced down the hall and their eyes locked, the other man giving him a questioning look. Vince smiled and nodded, and Emerson put his bags down in the hall and then followed Alicia into the room he usually occupied. Vince tore down the stairs, needing some fresh air and a good, long run.
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Friday, September 7, 2012

New Release: Gothic (MM)

I know I say I'm excited about every new release *grin* but this one is very special to me. I wrote this story several years ago, but I never got around to writing the final scene. I kept allowing other things to get in the way, and I am very glad it never got lost in shuffles between computers because I really love this story and these characters.

The title is meant as an allusion to Gothic, Ken Russell's film about the British Romantics. I set my story in the summer of 1816 as a little ode to my favorite authors. The tumultuous natural backdrop of "the year without a summer" seemed perfect for my two heroes and their journey.


Hiding in the shadows of his estate, Henry has resigned himself to a solitary life. As a vampire, he cannot be with one he loves for fear of destroying him, so he endures the darkness alone.

But when Tarquin, the lover he believed he would never see again, is brought to his door on the verge of death, he cannot turn him away. His only hope is that the love they once shared will prove stronger than the darkness circling around them both.


Henry caressed Tarquin’s cheek and then lowered his eyes, his manner relaxing and expression opening to him. The anguish on his face awoke a great tenderness in Tarquin, and he stroked his friend’s hand to reassure and encourage him.
“Forgive me?” Henry said as their eyes met again. “It is so close to sunrise. I feared you might be toying with me. You wouldn’t believe the things I said. My first sunrise was nightmarish.”
“Was it?” He ran one finger over Henry’s lips, a rush of lust like none he’d ever known taking hold of him. “Did you do wicked things?”
“Yes.” Henry’s eyes still held questions and doubts, yet a hint of desire could be seen as well as he slanted his head to press his lips to the heel of Tarquin’s hand.
“You are doing a wicked thing now.” He drew Henry closer. “You are making me wait, playing hard to get when all I want is to possess you.” He brought their lips together gently, licking and teasing until Henry gave in to the embrace. “Oh, yes, Henry, yes.”
The kiss deepened as Tarquin tried to touch every inch of Henry at once. When Henry struggled, Tarquin’s appetite only increased.
“The sunrise, Tarquin.”
Tarquin stroked Henry’s cock, delighted by the groan that slipped from his love’s lips.
Henry broke away, but once on his feet he pulled Tarquin up as well, the swift gesture more powerful and assertive than what he would have expected from Henry. “The bedroom then, if nothing else will persuade you.” His eyes blazed with something Tarquin couldn’t identify.
Henry amazed him, moving so quickly that Tarquin wouldn’t have found him if he hadn’t already known where Henry’s bedroom was. He stumbled up the stairs and down the hall, feeling euphoric. The desire that had been dormant for so long blossomed as he stalked into Henry’s bedroom.
Their eyes met as Henry tipped up the decanter of dark liquid and drank deeply. Henry seemed now to have a confidence Tarquin had never seen in him before. Moments earlier, he had been timid, afraid his friend was mocking him. And now? His eyes shone with power and lust. If this happened every morn, Tarquin might learn to love the sunrise instead of fearing it. Henry licked his lips as he held out the bottle.
“Drink, Tarquin. What is left in the bottle should do. I don’t want you to hurt anyone or be burdened with memories like mine.”
Tarquin took the bottle, but he didn’t want to drink. He wanted to make love with Henry.
Henry reached into his breeches, unbuttoning each side with one hand as he stroked himself with the other. “You saw how fast I am. If you don’t drink, I’ll run into the woods. You’ll never find me.”
Threats from Henry? And just the right one to ensure his obedience as well. Tarquin almost laughed in sheer delight. “And never get to wrap my lips around that?” he whispered.
“I see I’ve made myself clear.”
Tarquin tipped up the bottle before he could change his mind. It tasted awful, unbearably bitter, but the more he gulped the better he felt. He set the bottle on a nearby table. “I like you this way, Henry.”
“Do you?” he asked, stroking harder and snaking his hand around Tarquin’s neck. He gripped him with even more aggression as Tarquin leaned in to accept his kiss, seeking the sweetness of his ardor to dispel the bitterness of the laudanum. Their tongues warred against each other, Henry biting Tarquin’s lip, which made him shiver as his cock surged to full life. He nuzzled Henry’s neck and let his fingers play over the head of his prick.
“When we were young, you merely permitted me to touch you.” Tarquin broke away and dropped to his knees. “To do things to you.”
Henry slowed his strokes and ran his cock over Tarquin’s lips. “Now I entice you, seduce you?”
“You always seduced me, in your way.” Tarquin licked the head, then took the shaft into his mouth. Henry’s moans gave him more pleasure than a good, hard fucking from Robert ever had. He took Henry’s cock down his throat.
Henry thrust into his mouth, harder each time. Tarquin pushed him back until he hit the side of the bed and then drove him to sit on the edge, releasing him for a moment. Then he began to caress teasingly, using light strokes and pressing his thumb gently to the wet slit at the tip.
“Even downstairs, when your eyes questioned me, when you wondered if I truly wanted you, you were seducing me. I love the way it makes me feel.” He licked the shaft, nibbling and sucking the underside, and then looked up at Henry, who was staring down at him with need blazoned on his face. “To know you think so much of me you can hardly believe I want you … absolutely intoxicates me.”
Henry pulled him up and kissed him with a hunger so hot Tarquin nearly came. Keeping his eyes open became more of a challenge. Moaning against Henry’s lips, he said, “But I could accustom myself to this easily.” He let Henry draw him onto the bed, and they fondled and kissed until Tarquin managed to pull away and open his eyes.
“Let me finish you,” he whispered against Henry’s cheek.
Henry kissed him and then reclined on the pillows. Tarquin sucked him, using his tongue over every inch of his lover’s cock. Its hardness amazed him, and he joyed in learning all the best places to tease and suck.

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New Release: Taming His Beast (m/m/m paranormal romance)

Taming His Beast is now available at Evernight Publishing. I played with this idea for months but never sat down to actually write it. As I continued reading, writing, and editing more m/m books, the plot started to come together in my head. Once I decided it would definitely be a vampire and shifter story, I had what I needed to bring these three men together.

Tristan’s life as a vampire is simple enough when he and his familiar John go out for a drink one night. However, he didn’t count on running into Rory, a guy he shared a steamy kiss with at a party, and he definitely did not plan on John and Rory being attacked by a vampire-werewolf hybrid sent by Tristan’s vengeful brother. Both men are infected, and both men turn, one into a vampire and the other into a werewolf. The attractions, and conflicts, between the three men make sparks fly as they try to learn more about what has happened, but Tristan’s brother has little desire to help them. Tristan was born a supernatural being, but how will Rory and John adjust? And in the end, will both men be open-minded enough to accept the love they could both enjoy with Tristan?

Excerpt: (Warning: explicit content, NC-17)

“I met Tristan at a party, too,” John said. “I was too shy to talk to him even after I had caught him looking at me several times. I’d only had one boyfriend, and we hadn’t gone beyond a few groping kisses. The sexual power I felt from Tristan blew me away.”
“I still feel it from him. I guess.” Rory let out a ragged, frustrated sigh. “Maybe it’s because you’re a vampire now. Maybe it’s that, not something special about Tristan. I reacted to him because he’s hot and a vampire.”
“That could be it,” John said, amazed at how disappointed he felt.
Rory gave him a half smile. “You don’t get what I’m getting at? I was attracted to him because he’s a vampire—maybe—but now that you two are on even footing you’re the one I want.”
“That’s flattering, but it still probably has something to do with that hybrid biting us.”
Rory ran his thumb over John’s lower lip as he cupped his cheek. “You sounded so disappointed a moment ago. If Tristan really won’t care, why can’t we share something? Whether we touch once or ten times, will he care?”
“He is starting to get jealous. A little.” John pressed Rory’s hand to his cheek, kissing the palm.
“You like that. I can feel it.”
John hesitated. How could he deny it? Hearing Tristan say he didn’t like Rory coming between them had turned him on. Tristan asking him to promise nothing would change between them had made him feel like things were changing in a way. “It’s nice to hear him say how much he needs me, too.”
“And right now, I need you.” Rory pulled him in for a gentle but searching kiss.
John reached over and stroked Rory’s cock, making him moan softly. When they parted, John said, “You made a fine point earlier. I would have died if he’d denied me.” The weight of Rory’s cock resting in his palm felt good. Being the dominant one, the one with the power, felt even better. He’d never felt so desired with anyone before.
Rory moaned again and took John’s face in his hands. He feathered soft kisses over his lips. “I’ve never been with a guy before. I kissed a friend I liked, then Tristan.” He moved one hand down and slipped his fingers around John’s cock again.
John pulled him closer as his fingers tightened and stroked with more insistence. “You could have fooled me.” Their kisses became more urgent. The desire he felt coming off of Rory intoxicated him. Was this how Tristan felt that first time they touched? Rory fumbled with his robe trying to untie it. Finally John helped him and pulled it off. Within seconds, Rory was on his knees stroking John’s cock.
“You don’t have to,” John whispered as he focused on him.
But Rory’s face showed how much he wanted to. He licked the tip, then swirled his tongue around the head. Lifting it, he ran his tongue down the underside before taking it in his mouth to suck. He was slow and gentle, and John arched against his mouth. The need for blood began to build as Rory sucked. The bloodlust had only floated in the back of his mind until now, but Rory’s touch made it burn in his veins. For a few moments he guided Rory’s movements, but then he pushed him back. Watching Rory kneel on the floor and start to stroke himself, his eyes never leaving John’s bobbing cock, made John growl low in his throat.
Rory’s hand stilled, and his eyes jerked up in surprise, but that faded as John took him by the shoulders, pulled him back onto the bed and jerked his boxers off. He pushed Rory to the middle of the bed, running his hands up and down Rory’s body. When he felt Rory tremble, he stopped and said, “Don’t be afraid of me.”
“Never.” The word carried such tenderness and trust that John simply stared into Rory’s eyes for several moments. Then he spread Rory’s legs.
“This is what I love. I think you’ll enjoy it.” He took Rory’s cock into his mouth and sucked steadily as he massaged his balls. Rory reached down to rub his shoulders and run his fingers through John’s hair. When John released him, he ran one fang over his thigh. He looked up at Rory, who propped himself on his elbows to watch. John did it again, letting his fang cut deeper, and then he began to suck as his left hand pumped Rory’s cock.
“God, I can’t believe it,” Rory said, undulating his hips on the bed beneath John.
John sucked harder, overwhelmed by how good Rory tasted. His own blood rushed in his ears as the vital fluid that tasted like honey, wine, and spices flowed into his mouth. When the full euphoria hit John, he jerked back and then laved the wound to heal it. John felt half-drunk as he took Rory’s cock back into his mouth and sucked him.

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New Release: Moon Eyes (R-rated excerpt)

My new shifter romance, Moon Eyes, is available now! Check out a steamy (R-rated) excerpt below.

Abby plans an intimate surprise party for her friend Jeffrey, hoping their friendship is about to blossom into something more. She didn’t plan on almost being attacked by a black panther at his cabin, but when Jeffrey comes to her rescue at the last moment, she doesn’t question the good luck or the heightened emotions that land her in his arms that night. But when she wants to call the authorities, he informs her that she has nothing to fear because the beast that frightened her so is actually the man who just spent a whole night making love to her. Can she believe this amazing story? And if so, does this sexy beast only want her body, or has he cast his eyes on her heart as well?

And here's where to get it: Evernight PublishingBookStrandAll Romance eBooksAmazon


She felt the tremors begin. Could he really make her come so quickly? The tension building deep inside her told her he could. He sucked harder, and then gently bit the swollen nub. She came, her eyes widening as it happened. She gasped and bucked as his mouth locked onto her and furthered her bliss. The pleasure spiraled through her as his tongue stroked her clit over and over again. Pain mixed with pleasure as he did this, and she loved it.
“God, Jeffrey, how did you do that?” she asked as his mouth moved lower.
He spread her nether lips and ran his tongue inside her, ignoring her question. Two fingers entered her, exploring and teasing. She arched off the bed. He stood and shed his own jeans, and she sat up to look at him. She took in his powerful form, but her eyes soon focused on his cock. Dipping forward, she licked the tip, stealing the drop of liquid that lingered there.
He took hold of her head and brought her mouth back to his shaft, rubbing it across her lips. She opened her mouth and took it in.
“Perfect,” he whispered. He rocked back and forth and stroked in and out of her mouth.
She sucked hard and then relaxed, using her tongue to tease him. He pumped harder, then stilled and pulled away.
“Lie back,” he said.
She did so, but she kept her eyes on him. He yanked a drawer open and fumbled with a box of condoms. She licked her lips, relishing his musky taste as she watched him sheath himself. As he moved back on top of her, looking so masculine and sensual, she laughed with delight.
“When I planned all this, I was hoping for a kiss,” she said.
He fingered her slick entrance, smiling as he teased his thumb over her clit. “Were you?”
She nodded, looking deep into his blue eyes. She had never noticed the yellow flecks before, and she liked them.
He brought his mouth down onto hers very gently as he slid into her. His thick cock stretched her to her limits, but he had her so wet he slid in to the hilt without much more resistance. Sucking her lower lip between his teeth, he thrust once.

Friday, May 25, 2012

New Release: Somewhere Only We Know (MM)

My first MM with Evernight Publishing is now available!

Five years ago, Sam pushed Gabriel away because he couldn’t face his own fears about being openly gay in his small hometown. He had another secret too, but he believed no one could help him, not even Gabriel. He took actions that broke Gabriel’s heart, and his own, but then tragedy unexpectedly freed him from the need for secrecy. And Gabriel returned.

Gabriel told himself he only wanted to comfort Sam, but in his heart he knew he wanted more. He wanted answers, and he wanted Sam’s love. Just as Gabriel is convincing Sam they can be happy together, events force Sam to reveal all his secrets to his family. These revelations cause all the disharmony Sam always feared, and Gabriel can only hope that this time Sam will realize their love is worth fighting for.

To read an excerpt, click here.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dark Shadows: A Review (with spoilers)


My love of Dark Shadows was something that grew over a period of years. I watched it on VHS as a child and as a teenager, and eventually I got to watch the entire run starting on DVD in 2001. I saw a few episodes of the 1991 version when it originally aired, but still had to wait for DVD release to fully appreciate it as well. I won’t bore readers further in this post, but if you want to know more about my fascination with the series, click here.

For better or worse, I can best sum up my feelings by saying that though I didn’t love it, I likewise didn’t hate it.

My main issue was with Angelique. Eva Green is wonderful, but this version of Angelique was hard to take seriously. I wasn’t afraid of her, and I didn’t see her as much of a threat at any point in the film. 

The original Angelique portrayed by the still gorgeous Lara Parker scared me half to death. I hated Reverend Trask with a vengeance, but I was cheering him on when he exorcised her. Angelique was pure evil. Her character did become more enjoyable as they made her more complex, but no matter what incarnation she was in, she was frightening. Lysette Anthony was equally terrifying in 1991.

This Angelique (called Angie through most of the film, and doesn’t that tell you something right off?) was just too cute and hip and quirky. I disliked her, but I didn’t hate her and want her to get what was coming to her. I really liked some of the special effects with her at the end of the film as she crumbled and offered her shattering heart to Barnabas, but her death left me shrugging and murmuring, “whatever.”

I also had issues with Julia Hoffman. In the series, Julia and Barnabas began as enemies and then eventually bonded. I always loved their incredibly complicated relationship. Their relationship in this film was one dimensional and quite frankly just plain silly. I almost wish they’d just cut her out altogether after seeing what was done with her incredibly rich and intelligent character.

And dear Barnabas. I adore Johnny Depp, and his take was interesting, but it left me totally flat. Watching Jonathan Frid flub a line and look straight at the teleprompter while a boom mic hovered overhead, flies circled the actors, and a crew member stepped into shot proved more moving, IMHO. I absolutely adored Jonathan Frid and the sincere humanity and emotion he brought to Barnabas. Lots of things can save a show from being cancelled, but how often does an actor do it single-handedly? 

I liked Ben Cross a lot in the 1991 version, and I even enjoyed the clips I have seen of Alec Newman as Barnabas in the 2004 pilot that was not picked up.

But now onto the positive. I absolutely adored the opening scenes from the 18th century up through Vicki’s train ride into Collinsport. Beautiful scenes. The opening credit were fabulous and definitely gave me hope.

Michelle Pfieffer made my day as Elizabeth. I really thought she was spot on. And Jonny Lee Miller could pass for Louis Edmonds’ son any day of the week with those facial expressions. I liked what they did with Carolyn, up until the very end of the movie. I loved her moodiness and general attitude. Willie had me laughing at times, but mostly he blended into the background. Poor David and Victoria got very little screen time, but I liked what I saw. And Josette's ghost came close to making me feel like I was watching an actual episode of Dark Shadows.

Jonathan Frid’s cameo, unfortunately, was so brief it was easy to miss. My husband literally did miss it. However, it was heartwarming to see some of my favorite people on the big screen. I’m hoping for some deleted footage on the DVD. (Yes, I am going to buy it, if that colors my opinion one way or another for anyone.)

The ending was a bit of a mess. Just too much going on, to me, especially considering how slow the rest of the film was. I was very disappointed that, given all the illusions to David’s mother, more was not done with her. When I saw David confront Angelique surrounded by fire and talking about his mother, I was expecting Laura Collins the immortal Phoenix, not a watery ghost. And Carolyn suddenly wolfing out? I just didn’t see the point. Special effects were amazing though, and I thoroughly enjoyed the way Collinwood came to life in the finale, but still not an impressive ending.

All things considered though, I was smiling at the end when Barnabas and Josette finally, for once, get a happily ever after there at the bottom of Widow’s Hill. We spoke with a fan who grew up watching the show as we left the theater, and she said she was “finally satisfied” on that point too.

So, there it is. One fan’s opinion, take it or leave it. *cue the Robert Cobert music*

Thursday, April 19, 2012

RIP: Jonathan Frid, My Favorite Vampire

I love vampires. I haven't written about them much since 2010, but I still love them. This love did not grow after reading Bram Stoker or Anne Rice as a teenager. It started in 1989 when I found Dark Shadows on VHS at the public library.

For more of my thoughts on its influence, check out my blog from last June here.

I was deeply saddened to hear about Jonathan Frid's passing last week, and following so soon after the passing of Davy Jones. Two of the most important figures from my childhood are now gone. Right now, I'm deeply entrenched in the Leviathan storyline, and watched episodes 962-964 last night.

If I have one comfort, it is that Dark Shadows will live on. It is not going anywhere any time soon. It was the first soap opera to ever achieve syndication after going off the air. It was one of the very first t.v. shows to have its full run released on VHS, then DVD. It was also the first show the Sci Fi channel bought when the channel started (long before it became SyFy).

House of Dark Shadows and Night of Dark Shadows didn't do very well in theaters. The 1991 revival with Ben Cross only got one season. The 2004 pilot with Alec Newman did not get picked up by the WB. And then of course we lost Dan Curtis, but even that couldn't stop Dark Shadows. The characters are amazing and always will be, and the fans are equally amazing. And no matter what the Tim Burton film is like on May 11, Dark Shadows will live on.

Need further proof? How many cancelled 1960s shows have brand new comics coming out right now?

Click Here for More Info

We will all miss Jonathan Frid, but Barnabas Collins will live forever.

Friday, March 30, 2012

New Release: In the Wolf's Tower

My Naughty Fairy Tale is now available! I'm so excited about this one. This story practically wrote itself, which was a bit of an adventure in the first place. I got the idea when my godson Quentin wanted some help understanding Sir Thomas Mallory's Le Morte d'Arthur. In the list of the knights of the round table, we stumble upon this passage, which I thought would be a great jumping off point for a story:

Sir Marrok, the good knight that was betrayed with his wife, for she made him seven year a werewolf . . . Book XIX

In Mallory's tale, he is only stuck in wolf form for seven years, and when he is freed he gets revenge on his unfaithful wife. Now, despite this little bump in the road, he still has a place of honor at the round table and is part of the honor guard, but the king in my story is not quite so noble as King Arthur.

This story is a twist on Beauty and the Beast, but as you'll see as you read, our beast Marrok didn't do anything to deserve his punishment, which makes him want revenge even more. Of course, Josette is not what he expected at all, so his plans for revenge begin to falter and stray the moment she arrives......

For a spicy little excerpt, click here to read my post from yesterday. I'm going to post a PG-rated excerpt here and another more erotic one on Monday.

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Josette’s father needs gold to fight his war, so she goes from princess to prisoner in an instant when Lord Marrok offers the needed treasure in exchange for her. Once her father’s most honorable knight, Marrok is now shunned and feared. Why? Marrok is a werewolf. Josette goes to help her people, and soon discovers that Marrok blames her father for his curse. He claims he wasn’t looking for a bride, but his gaze screams seduction and she soon questions his reasons for demanding her in exchange for the gold. What sort of revenge does he have planned? And what will happen to her once he has her locked away in his castle?

Josette entered the kitchen and found Marrok finishing his dinner. “I thought you would want me to do that.”
“Did you? Can you cook?”
She nodded.
“Rare talent for a princess.”
“Not for a bored and sheltered one. I was under the impression I was going to be slaving away in this castle in one way or another.”
He pushed his plate away and stood. “So you imagined yourself chained either to the stove or to my bed, did you?” he asked as he moved toward her.
“My father was vague. He said I owed it to him but that I should expect the worst. When I said I would go willingly, he actually choked on his wine. He seemed pleased though and dismissed me to pack without another word.”
He stood only an inch away from her now. “And given the choice, which would you prefer?”
She looked up into his eyes and tried to ignore the masculine scent of leather. She turned her head and eyed the stove before stepping back and eyeing him as well. His gaze never wavered from her face. “It’s a very nice stove.”
He roared with laughter. “You must be a changeling. You have more wit and personality in one strand of your hair than your parents had put together.”
“I’m my own person. No one and nothing will ever change that.” She went to the table and gathered his dishes. She walked them to the sink and began looking around at the well-equipped kitchen.
“Not even your present situation?”
She let her breath out in a huff. “Are you determined to have me unhappy? What does it matter? My father will never know! For all he knows I’m locked in the dungeon or on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor in rags.”
He let his gaze shift down her body. “I’d stay in the castle more often if you get the urge to spend much time in that position.”
She turned away so he wouldn’t see the flame of color on her cheeks. She told herself she was very lucky he hadn’t forced himself on her. She shouldn’t be having such sexually charged thoughts. A man like him would surely pick up on them and tease her all the more. Or worse, tempt her to act on them.
“I really can cook. I’ll cook every meal if you like. It’s the least I can do for the expense I’ll be to you.”
“Money is of no concern. You’ll learn that soon enough.” He moved to stand behind her, but he didn’t force her to turn around. The heat from his body made her blush even worse, and something about having him so close behind her sent a thrill up her spine. “I eat at eight, one and six. I’ll unlock your door shortly after sunrise every day.”
He walked toward the door, but then he turned. “And leave food out for the cat starting tomorrow. He prefers chicken twice a day. I kill one for him every morning.”
Despite the flush still on her cheeks, she turned to him. “Cat? You’re a werewolf, but you own a cat?”
“Why is that so very odd?” he asked, though he didn’t stay to hear her answer.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Release: Reaper's Reward

Reaper's Reward has been released at Evernight Publishing. I'm very excited about this one and really enjoyed writing a paranormal story after doing strictly contemporary for the past few months. Go check it out! I've got another awesome Jimmy Thomas cover for this one.


Lorelei can see ghosts and other supernatural entities, so Thanasis, who is obviously not human, intrigues her when she finds him arguing with a mysterious woman named Donna outside her shop. This intrigue deepens when he reveals that he is a reaper and says Donna must come with him for her own good. Donna tells a different story, and Lorelei wants to discover the truth for herself even though her growing attraction to Thanasis proves distracting. As she learns more about the mystery surrounding Donna, she discovers that Thanasis returns her affection. She becomes as determined as he is to rescue Donna when she learns the true horror of the situation, but what will happen when they succeed? Once Donna is safe, can she be with Thanasis or will they be separated forever because of what he is?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Release: BE MY BAD BOY

BE MY BAD BOY has been released!

Peter wants a second chance with the woman who rejected him for being too tame in their initial courtship. Katie can’t believe he’s the exciting lover she fantasizes about finding. She only sees him as her sweet friend from work. She has no idea he was controlling his true desires in an attempt to win her heart before claiming her body. They’re both going to a costume party, and he intends on seducing her there. If she wants a bad boy, he’ll give her a masked stranger who can’t keep his skilled hands off her, a mystery man who somehow knows exactly how to please her. But once he’s lured her into his wicked embrace and fulfilled her fantasy, how will she react to the truth? Will she accept his love and delight in his erotic game, or will she despise him for tricking her and send him away forever?

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