Valladora Series:
1)  Tasting Cherry Blossoms (The Year of Hearts, 1) 
2)  Saving His Mate (The Year of Hearts, 2)
3)  Needing His Demon (The Year of Hearts, 3)

4)  The Wolf's Mate (The Year of Stars, 1)
5)  The Dragon's Lover (The Year of Stars, 2)
6)  The Vampire's Kiss (The Year of Stars, 3)

7)  His Reluctant Tiger (The Year of Eyes, 1)
8)  His Wild Wolf (The Year of Eyes, 2)
9)  His Defiant Leopard (The Year of Eyes, 3)

10) Chasing His Mate (The Year of Moons, 1)
11) At His Mercy (The Year of Moons, 2)
12) Possessing His Demon (The Year of Moons, 3)

13) Taste Me (The Year of Gods, 1)
14) Bind Me (The Year of Gods, 2)
15) Claim Me (The Year of Gods, 3)

16) His Insatiable Bear (The Year of Suns, 1)
17) Bound and Bitten (The Year of Suns, 2)
18) Catching His Fox (The Year of Suns, 3)

Valladora Tales:
Desire and Duty (MF) 
Owen and the Beast (MM)
Assassin's Return (MM) - New Release!
At Evernight Publishing
Be My Bad Boy (MF)
Reaper's Reward (MF)
In the Wolf's Tower (Naughty Fairy Tale, MF)
Phantom Lovers (MMF) *FREE READ*
Somewhere Only We Know (MM)
Moon Eyes (MF)
Taming His Beast (MMM)
Gothic (MM) 
With the Boys in the Band (MMF) 
Claiming His Bride (MF)
Journey Home (MF)

Switch Him Up (Switch Him Up, 1 MM)
Turn Him On (Switch Him Up 2, MM)

Tales of the Highwaymen:
Stand and Deliver (Book 1 MF)
Your Money or Your Life (Book 2 MM) 
All Mine (Book 3 MM)
Submitting to Their Laird (Book 4 MMM) 
Strange Magic (Book 5 MM)

At Twisted E-Publishing

His Prince Submits (The Veiled Court 1) 
Defying His Fate (The Veiled Court 2)

Wolves at the Door (MMM)
His Dark Kiss (MF with MFM scenes)
The Goblin King's Lovers (MMF) 
Vampire Christmas (MF)
Make Me Yours (MF) 
Unmasked (MM)

Rose Scented Kisses (Arundel 1, MF)
Midnight Rose (Arundel 2, MF) 
Wild Roses (Arundel 3, MM) 
Antique Roses (Arundel 4, MM)
Roses and Thorns (Arundel 5, MM)

His Brother Keeps Her (The Wrong Bed 1, MF)
His Brother's Best Friend (The Wrong Bed 2, MM) 

Poseidon's Bride (Olympians 1 MF) 
Lesson in Love (Olympians 2 MF) 
Arcadian Nights (Olympians 3 MF)
Sweet Cry of Pleasure (Olympians 4 MF) 
Descent into Desire (Olympians 5 MF) 
Elysian Dreams (Olympians, 6 MF)
Love's Forge (Olympians 7 MF) 
Queen of His Heart (Olympians Bonus Story, MF)

Kiss of the Moon (Dark Moon 1, MF)
Curse of the Moon (Dark Moon 2, MF)
Blood of the Moon (Dark Moon 3, MF)
Shadow of the Moon (Dark Moon 4, MF)

Self-Published (Available Exclusively on Amazon)
Yes, My Lord (MMM)
Kiss Me Again (MM)
Loving Arms (MM) 
A Beast's Love (MF)
His Warm Kiss (MF)
The Sweetest Thing (MM)
Just One Lick (MF)
Love Knot (MF)
Treasure (MF)
His Beauty (Scarred Hearts 1, MF) 
His Beast (Scarred Hearts 2, MM)