Friday, December 6, 2013

New Release: The Wolf's Mate (The Year of Stars, 1)

The Wolf's Mate, the first book in The Year of Stars, is here! This trilogy is a sequel to The Year of Hearts and picks up just a few weeks after Needing His Demon ended.


Hatori’s life changed forever when he discovered that his real father was a lycan, as his frequent illnesses suddenly made sense. After achieving his first shift into wolf form, he hoped the last remaining clan of lycans could offer him some relief after a lifetime of suffering.

Yet nothing goes as planned when he travels east to meet with this clan. Since his first full shift, Hatori’s sensitivity to—and craving for—vampire blood has been a great burden. Surrounded by very tempting vampires and confused by what the lycans have to tell him, Hatori doesn’t know what his next move should be. But when one of the vampires tastes Hatori’s blood, it becomes obvious the fates wanted Hatori to travel east for a very different reason.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Release: Needing His Demon

Okay, so not exactly "new". It's a few weeks old, but between trips out of town and all my jobs, I never got around to doing this post.

Needing His Demon is the conclusion to the Year of Hearts trilogy. But as a new year begins in Valladora--the Year of Stars--many of these characters will be returning in a new trilogy this fall.


Fredric has found his mate, but he’s completely perplexed. His mate is not only a man, but also a half-demon. Fredric cannot believe the gods have done this to him. On top of this odd turn of events, Fredric is suffering from the Dissolution, a vampire disease with no cure. He knows accepting Satoru as his mate and taking his blood increases his chances of survival, yet he keeps fighting his fate, even as Satoru becomes more appealing with each encounter.

Satoru refuses to give up, and with each passing day, Fredric becomes less resistant. Fredric first agrees to drink Satoru’s blood, and then he accepts Satoru as a lover. But as time runs out and other troubles come, will Satoru be able to save his lover’s life and truly win his heart?

As he cleaned himself up, Satoru searched his own face in the small mirror on the wall. He didn’t know how long he could control himself around Fredric. Satoru did not like to appear weak, but that was exactly how he felt around Fredric. Sensual longing filled his mind every moment, and he had to force himself to keep quiet as his heart wanted nothing more than to let all of his desires spill forth in desperate pleas. More than anything Satoru wished Mikimo was with him. His mentor always had the right words for him, and even in this kind of situation, Satoru knew Mikimo’s kindness and wisdom would comfort him.
I’m falling in love. I never imagined it could be like this. The one I want can’t even admit he has feelings for me—he claims to hate me! And yet … I love him more with each breath.
Satoru sighed and got dressed again. It was almost dawn now, and he wanted to check on Fredric. He’d been unable to sleep, but he hoped Fredric had been able to. Slipping out into the hall, he shut his door quietly and then listened. He heard a faint sound, like something being set down, and he knocked.
“I came to check on you.” Satoru opened the door without waiting for an invitation.
Fredric sat on the edge of the bed and stared at him with a very thoughtful expression on his face. The look in his eyes didn’t seem as guarded, which made Satoru very happy. As he moved into the room and closed the door, Satoru had to struggle very consciously to keep a smile off his face.
“I feel better.” He patted the mattress beside him. “Come here.”
Satoru continued to struggle with keeping his expression neutral. Had his blood affected Fredric this much? As soon as he sat down, Fredric pulled him closer, wrapping an arm around his waist.
“You’re stronger than other humans, aren’t you?” Fredric asked, his face very close to Satoru’s.
“Yes.” Why did he want to know that? The heat from Fredric’s body felt so good, and he loved being held so close by Fredric. Kiss me. Please. Just let go and touch me more.
“Your blood regenerates quickly?”
“Yes. Very quickly.” He swallowed, very aware of how hard his cock was getting even though he’d just made himself come minutes earlier. “As long as I don’t need to do anything too strenuous, I could supply all of your blood needs now, even before you’ve turned me.”
“Good. I needed to be sure.” Fredric pulled Satoru’s collar down and sank his fangs into him.
Satoru cried out and wrapped his arms around Fredric. His hands couldn’t move quickly enough, as he wanted to touch every inch of Fredric. “Yes, Fredric, oh yes. Take as much as you need.”
When Satoru tried to touch Fredric’s cock, Fredric grabbed both of his hands and held them. Satoru mentally chastened himself. Though he had committed himself to resigning, he was still a priest. Fredric was right to make him stop. Feeding his lover was the most he could allow himself until he had formally renounced his vows.
Lover. He’s my lover now. Satoru moaned, and then a surge of pleasure burst through him. He gave little thought to the pressure building in his groin as he clung to Fredric’s wrists and tried to press closer to him. Fredric bit even deeper, enhancing Satoru’s pleasure, and they both trembled. Satoru was completely lost to bliss as Fredric healed his wound. When they parted and Satoru’s vision had cleared, he saw from the corresponding dampness on Fredric’s robes that they had both come during the embrace. The euphoria had been so great he hadn’t minded the heat and wetness of his own seed spilling forth, and now the pleasure sitting low in his belly was unmistakable. It was a spiritual consummation, if not a true physical one. Simply being in Fredric’s favor was enough for now.
Fredric tilted Satoru’s head and examined his neck.
“I’m fine,” Satoru said, taking Fredric’s hand and kissing it ardently. “I’ve never been so happy in my whole life.”
Fredric looked deep into his eyes. In a stern, low voice, Fredric said, “Get out of here. I want you to leave. Get on your horse and don’t stop until you are far away from here.”
Satoru had to fight to stay where he was. “Fredric?” his voice trembled, but he didn’t care. “You tricked me so you could force me to leave?”
“I had no other choice, given how stubborn you are.”
“You’re calling me the stubborn one?”
“You can’t disobey me. You’re shaking already simply trying to stay in this room.”
Satoru stood up, well aware of how badly he was shaking, but he mustered enough control to remain in place long enough to slap Fredric hard across the face. “It infuriates me that even in this moment, I can’t feel anything but love for you. You’re causing yourself pain, too, and that makes me even angrier.”
Fredric didn’t look at him. He rose and turned away from Satoru. “I told you to leave. I don’t want you here.”
Satoru turned and fled, hot tears stinging his eyes. Black spots blurred his vision as he hastily cleaned himself up and then packed. He paused long enough to pay the innkeeper, who looked at him with great concern.
“What am I to do, Your Holiness? How does your lord fare?”
“He has fed, and he’s better now. Has a message been sent to his steward?”
“Yes. The lad left moments ago.”
“Good.” Satoru tried to steady his breathing. “Take care of him until his servants come. He does not know what is best for him.”
Satoru turned and ran to his horse. The pressure in his head and chest did not abate until he was half a mile down the road. He let the tears fall. He had not cried since the day his mother had told him the truth about his father. That day had been filled with both sadness and anger. His mother had vanquished his sadness, telling him repeatedly how much she loved him and how happy she was to have him in her life. His anger had been far more difficult to get rid of. His mentor, Mikimo, had been the one to finally help him conquer it.
Soon the tears dried, but a dull ache filled his entire being. He pushed forward, pained more than anything by the knowledge that Fredric was feeling the same ache in his heart.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Turn Him On (Sequel to Switch Him Up)

I wanted to do a little update because so many people have asked.

I am currently working on Turn Him On, the sequel to Switch Him Up, which came out in April. Multiple readers wanted to know what would happen to Alec and Christian after the "honeymoon" stage of their reunion was over, and one reviewer even said she wanted to see if they would still be together a year down the line.

So, thus far I've written 5,000 words. This story will definitely be longer, and I hope to answer all the questions people have sent my way. Switch Him Up was the story of their reunion and the resolution of one major conflict in their relationship. Turn Him On will explore how they have both grown and changed after a year together.

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me about this story. I love these characters, but I probably would not have come back to them without the gentle prompts. Feel free to email me or leave a comment here if there is anything you were curious about.

And, if you haven't read Switch Him Up, go check it out at Evernight Publishing.

Alec couldn’t be more surprised when the “burglar” he swings a baseball bat toward turns out to be Christian, the lover who walked out on him six months ago. He never imagined Christian would come back, but secretly his heart had continued to hope all that time.

Christian returns to Alec, ready to face the consequences of his rash actions and deal with all of the issues he still has with trust in relationships. He can feel that Alec wants him, but Alec makes it clear he’s tired of being the pushover in their relationship. Christian struggles not to be possessive and dominating, while Alec learns how erotic it can be to make another submit to his will. Can Christian learn to submit completely, or will he lose everything because he can’t let go and trust his lover?

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Evernight Publishing
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Rainbow Ebooks

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New Release: Saving His Mate (m/m)

Saving His Mate, book 2 in The Year of Hearts, is now here! If you've already read book 1, Tasting Cherry Blossoms, you know we left Lance alone in the garden at Ettore's castle with Tavok hovering nearby. Read on to find out what happens...

Lance devoted his life to serving a vampire, Elizabella, until the day she committed suicide. These tragic events bring another vampire, Tavok, into his life. Though Lance knows immediately that he and Tavok belong together, he wonders if he deserves to find love while still so overcome by grief.

Tavok can hardly control himself when he meets Lance, his fated mate. Tavok knows Lance needs time to grieve, and he does his best to wait. Everything is perfect when they finally make love, but then Kadlin, Elizabella’s twin, arrives and makes no secret of his desire to possess Lance. Kadlin disappeared years ago after aligning himself with a demon, and Tavok will do anything to keep him away from Lance.

When Kadlin spirits Lance away to the demon realm, Tavok is racing against time to save his mate before Kadlin does something that will separate the two lovers forever.

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Lance turned and looked behind him, searching for Tavok. Movement within an archway caught his eye, and he stood and walked in that direction. He found Tavok concealing himself in a corner, looking guilty and partially hiding his face behind his long blond hair.
Lance bowed slightly. “Your care is appreciated, my lord, but you’ll only tire yourself worrying about me all the time.”
“You’re all I can think about, Lance. I can’t help it.” Tavok came out of the corner and stood only inches away. “And please use my name. It makes me happy.”
Lance appreciated Tavok’s bluntness, yet something about it felt very demanding now. “I’m adjusting. Forgive me,” Lance said. Tavok licked his lips, and Lance mirrored the gesture, longing to kiss him. They had not kissed yet, though Tavok healing his wound had made Lance’s blood boil like no kiss ever had.
“How are you? I know you need time, but I want nothing more than to comfort you.”
My greatest comfort would be found with my cock buried deep inside you. “I know … Tavok.” Lance cast his gaze down. “I am well. She was unhappy, and if the gods are merciful she is now at peace. I will recover from losing her far sooner than I will forget how I failed her.”
“You loved her so much.”
Tavok’s whispered words nearly shattered Lance’s heart. He’d never heard such sadness in anyone’s voice, not even Elizabella’s. He made himself look into Tavok’s eyes, knowing he had to set this straight.
“Tavok, I know what you’re thinking, what everyone thinks. I was not in love with her. I am not mourning the loss of a lover. She was so good to me. And after she lost her mate,” he shook his head, feeling momentarily overwhelmed, “she needed me so much. I don’t know why she chose me, but it pleased me that I could give her something no one else could. It was never sexual or romantic.”
Tavok looked extremely relieved, though he did a good job of composing his features under Lance’s scrutiny. “I am glad to hear that, but it seems unfeeling of me to be happy while you’re suffering.”
“I know you can’t help it.” Lance smiled sadly. “When she met her mate, she came home singing. She danced around the foyer, twirling like a little girl in a new gown.” His smile faded as he thought of the foyer and pictured her jumping to her death.
Tavok came forward and took Lance’s face gently in his hands. “We can talk about it, or we can be silent on the subject. I want to spend the evening getting to know you. Tell me what you need, and you shall have it.”
Lance looked into Tavok’s eyes, which were green now. Vampire’s irises remained white most of the time, and crimson and black were the only colors that had the same meaning for all of them. Was green sadness for Tavok? Longing? Lance didn’t know, but spending the evening together would help him learn. “I would enjoy spending the evening with you.”
“Then join me in my room. We can talk or play a game of castles.” Tavok smiled. “I could read you some of Ettore’s bad poetry.”
Lance gave him a small smile. “I have not played castles in so long, I am sure you would win, and I will pass on the poetry. I want to talk with you.” I want to touch you, want to take you.
“Good. I’ll walk you back. I need to feed, but I will only leave you a few minutes.”
Lance grabbed Tavok’s hands as he began to pull away, and Tavok stared at him with wide eyes. Lance released Tavok’s hands after a moment, trying to rationalize his reaction. The idea of Tavok taking from another angered and upset him.
“What is it, Lance?” Tavok’s face fell. “I didn’t think mentioning drinking blood would bother you. Elizabella drank directly from you, didn’t she?”
“Only at the end, after her wits were completely gone. This has nothing to do with her. I’ve kept myself at a distance, but I was not rejecting you. You should be drinking from me.” While he didn’t want to be dominated or subdued, he didn’t like thinking of Tavok drinking from another more often than he had to. “I can’t give you as much as you need until I’m turned, but feed from me tonight?”
Tavok pressed close and put his arms around Lance’s neck. “I’m happy to hear you have no doubts about me turning you. I could not go on without you if you chose to live a human lifespan.” He ran one hand into Lance’s hair. “I only wanted to give you time, but I have been longing to drink from you since I first scented your blood. That brief taste as I healed your wound was not enough. Oh yes, I’ll feed from you tonight.”
The rapturous and lusty expression on Tavok’s face made Lance moan, and he wrapped his arms around Tavok, whose eyes widened again in surprise. They were starting to go crimson already. Lance crushed his mouth against Tavok’s. The vampire stiffened, but then he began to fight for control. The clash of teeth and tongues made Lance hard, and he knew Tavok could feel it. Tavok tightened his fingers in Lance’s hair. Feeling even bolder when Tavok sighed, Lance grabbed his hips and began to grind their bodies together.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Release: Kiss at Dawn

 My newest m/m short is now available!

James got his fill of domineering behavior in his last relationship, so he immediately shies away when he meets Hikaru, who makes his interest aggressively clear from the start. While James can’t deny that he wants Hikaru, he can’t push past his issues and relax around him.

Hikaru isn’t going to take no for an answer because he can see the undeniable desire in James’ eyes. An erotic encounter after work confirms that they both want the same thing and know exactly how to give it to each other. When Hikaru meets—and is threatened by— James’ ex-boyfriend, he begins to understand why James can’t open up completely. Now his priority is not only protecting James but also showing him how fulfilling complete surrender can be ... with the right person.

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James lay spent and content in Hikaru’s arms that evening. He could almost forget what had caused them to spend the day together. After showering and eating, they’d settled in the living room with a couple of movies, both of them dozing off near the end of the second one. The cut on his hand throbbed a little every now and then, but it hadn’t really caused him any problems. He ran his palm over Hikaru’s chest as he listened to his steady breathing. When his phone rang, he felt so at ease and relaxed he reached for it and answered it without even checking who it was.
“So are you going to work tomorrow, or are you just gonna stay there and keep letting him fuck you?”
James stiffened, his breath catching in his throat. He looked at Hikaru, whose eyes had snapped open. The man who had looked so gentle moments earlier looked deadly now.
“How did you get this number?” James asked. As much as he wanted to hang up on Peter, he wanted an answer to that question. He needed to know which of his friends could no longer be trusted.
Peter laughed. “Not all of our friends are on your side, you know. It wasn’t that hard.”
James struggled to straighten up, but it was hard with only one hand free. Hikaru helped him sit up on the couch, but then he extended his hand for the phone. His determined look made James hesitate. Did he hang up or let Hikaru talk to Peter? Would that make things better or worse?
“James, are you there? You suckin’ his dick or what?”
“Peter, just shut up! We are done! I never want to see you again. I’m sorry you can’t stand me being with someone else, but that is not my problem.”
Peter didn’t react at first. “He must have you pretty hot. You never talked to me like that before. So what’s he been doin’ to you? Big, dumb brute like that must be hung.”
James opened his mouth, but he was so angry he couldn’t form words. Hikaru put his hand on the phone and looked into James’ eyes with determined pleading. After a slight nod from James, Hikaru took the phone.
“I could hear your whiney voice loud and clear, asshole, and I’m not happy with any of the things I heard.”
James moved away, not wanting to hear Peter’s voice anymore. He paced in front of the window, looking outside for Peter’s car. He didn’t see it, but he still closed the blinds and drew the curtains completely shut.
“I don’t give a fuck what you say about me, but you say that—or anything like it—when we’re face to face, and I will give you the beating of your life.”
Hikaru’s tone sent a chill down James’ spine. Why was this happening? Why was his chance at happiness being contaminated this way?
“You just hear me. You show up within fifty feet of the store, and I call the cops.” He hung up and threw the phone against the cushion beside him, causing it to bounce a couple of feet in the air.
James rubbed the back of his neck, his eyes downcast, but then he looked up. “He’s stupid, but he does take us calling the cops seriously. He won’t cause problems at the store.”
“I don’t give a fuck about the store. I’m worried about you. This guy’s a sadistic perv!” Hikaru stood and tried to put his arms around James.
James wiggled away, but Hikaru wouldn’t let him get away completely. He held both of James’ wrists and just stood there until James looked at him. “I won’t let him hurt you anymore.”
“It’s not your problem.”
“It is.” He pushed James’ hands behind his back and held them there, pressing close. “He needs to learn that you’re my boyfriend now.”
“Am I?” James asked, wanting to tease Hikaru, craving nothing more than getting lost in the moment. He felt so safe in his embrace.
Hikaru nuzzled against his neck and licked his ear. “Yes.” After releasing a long sigh, he pulled back. “We’re in this together, completely. No more apologies or regrets, just us working together to figure it out.”
Hikaru pulled him back over to the couch. “And right now, I think we have time for one more of these delightful and life-affirming horror movies before bed.”
James sat down and playfully eyed Hikaru as though he were offended. “I like horror. It’s as much of an escape as any other genre.”
“I wasn’t knockin’ it.”
James took a deep breath. The next few days, or even weeks, might be hard, but Hikaru made him feel like he could handle it. “Okay, then.” He shifted on the couch to look at the middle DVD shelf. “Chainsaws or tentacles?”
“We got anything with both?”
James smiled because he knew Hikaru was trying to be funny, and then he triumphantly pulled down The Maniac from Swampy Manor. “We do indeed.”
Hikaru’s eyes went wide, but then he laughed. “Glad I asked.”
James popped the DVD in. “Glad you’re here.” He turned the light off and snuggled down into the cushions and Hikaru’s arms. When Hikaru leaned over and kissed the top of his head, he was finally able to relax completely again.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Release: Tasting Cherry Blossoms (m/m)

The first volume in my brand new m/m series, The Year of Hearts, is here! Tasting Cherry Blossoms is the story of Ettore (whose name rhymes with "story" :-) and his mate Simon. Ettore had been roaming around in my brain for a long time without a story, in much the same way he's been without his mate in this book. I am just as happy to finally tell his story as he is to find Simon in the opening scene of the tale. Keep reading to find out more about Ettore and Simon and their world.

Welcome to Valladora, a world where vampires rule and everyone dreams of being destined to be a vampire's mate.

Well, most everyone...

Simon is content being a servant and doesn't like for attention of any kind to be focused on him. When he finds out he is destined to be Ettore's mate, he can't wrap his brain around the idea, even though he knows very well that his destiny is written in his blood. Vampires are never wrong about this connection, but Simon still can't believe something so wondrous could be meant for someone as ordinary as him.

Ettore doesn't find Simon ordinary in any way and actually finds his humility endearing. At the same time, he wants Simon to get over all of this so they can be together. I've dismissed and discarded many characters over the years, but I never scratched Ettore's name off my list. Ettore is most definitely an alpha, but in a more quiet and steadfast way. He won't take no for an answer, but he shows patience--and makes all the right moves--instead of forcing his reluctant lover to submit, and this is my favorite part of their story.



Simon has never feared the vampires who rule Valladora, yet he feels stunned and apprehensive when he meets Lord Ettore. The handsome vampire almost immediately declares that Simon is his mate, and though he knows he should feel honored, Simon can’t help resisting something that sounds impossible.

Ettore is overjoyed at finally finding his mate, even if the beautiful young man proves reluctant. Ettore is patient, enjoying the slow seduction despite his desire for Simon to give himself completely and stop holding back. When Simon disappears without a trace, Ettore doesn’t know if he should blame his political enemies or Simon’s reluctance to accept his love.

No matter what, Ettore is going to find Simon and bring him home. He knows their love is meant to be and will not rest until Simon is back in his arms, willingly offering both his blood and his heart.

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Here's a little snippet from the opening scene:

Simon shifted position on the ground again, but he went tumbling forward when some dirt and rocks gave way under his right foot. His hand came down on the shears he’d been using, and he jerked to the side, clutching his hand. When the throbbing subsided a little, he looked down at his slashed palm. Blood dripped from his hand. He winced when he flexed his fingers, and then he started to rise to his feet.
A shadow fell across him, and a chill swept up his spine when he looked up to see who had approached. The man was several inches taller than he was, with broad shoulders and long white hair. His irises held no color, but as he lowered his gaze to Simon’s hand, they went crimson.
One of his master’s guests. One of the vampires.
“Are you all right?” the man asked.
“Yes, though I’ve cut myself.” Simon knew what he had to do. He was a servant, and his own master served this vampire. He would be punished severely if he did not offer his blood to him. He would never be forced, but it would be viewed as the rudest of affronts. Taking a humble and submissive pose, he moved to kneel on one knee and offered his bleeding hand to the vampire. “Please, I would be honored.”
Simon could not hide his surprise when the vampire gathered his flowing golden robes and mirrored Simon’s position on the ground. He took Simon’s hand and smiled, and Simon gasped at the warmth of his fingers. Weren’t vampires cold to the touch? Simon lowered his gaze. He knew very little about vampires aside from what other servants said, so he had no idea what might be considered offensive.
“Please look at me.”
Simon lifted his head easily enough, the vampire’s touch and words calming him.
“Your blood smells wonderful.” The vampire lowered his tongue to Simon’s hand and lapped at the blood pooling in his palm. Simon couldn’t tear his gaze away anymore than he could ignore the sensations running through his body. His cock hardened when the vampire licked the wound and healed it. And he looked at Simon the entire time. He licked every inch of Simon’s hand to get all of the blood, and when he was finished he held Simon’s palm against his face.
“What is your name?” the vampire whispered.
“Simon.” He had a hard time keeping his voice steady, especially as his erection didn’t flag immediately.
“I’m Ettore.” He kissed Simon’s palm and rose to his feet, drawing Simon with him. “And I have never tasted blood like yours before.”
Simon didn’t know how to respond. He lowered his eyes and managed to say, “I am glad it pleased you.”
Ettore took him by the chin and made him look up. “Stop lowering your gaze that way.”
Wasn’t that what he was supposed to do? “I am a servant.”
“Not for long. I am going to speak with your master right now.”
The vampire’s words killed the last bit of the desire that had been surging in his cock. “What? My lord, what have I done?”
Ettore smiled, looking at Simon as though his behavior amused him somehow. “How old are you?”
“You knew it was proper to offer me your blood, yet you don’t seem to know much about vampires.” He inched closer and stroked Simon’s cheek. “The fact that I asked for your name and gave you mine in this intimate setting is significant, as is the fact that your blood pleased me so much. You are not in trouble.” He dropped a kiss against Simon’s lower lip. “You are my mate.”
Simon didn’t even have time to react to the unexpected kiss. When he heard the word mate, he felt the bottom drop out of his stomach as blood rushed in his ears. He couldn’t have heard right—and he couldn’t be this vampire’s mate! They were both men, so how could they mate? The vampire could turn him, but they could not mate. Also, he knew the vampires his master served were part of the royal family, so heirs were essential, no matter how many other family members might be ahead of Ettore in line for the crown.
Ettore brought him back to reality by pulling him into his arms. Simon looked up, holding to the vampire’s upper arms to steady himself.
“You are adorable,” Ettore said. “I’ve waited over two hundred years to find you, and I could not be happier. Stop looking so stunned.”
“Two hundred years?” Simon whispered, amazed he could even make his voice respond that much.
“My parents were beginning to worry, and my older siblings all tease me, but now they shall stop their teasing. I have finally found you.”
“I’m a man.”
Ettore laughed. “Yes, I know that, and now I understand why I prefer men in my bed. My fated one is a man. I suspected, but I did not want to assume.”
“We cannot mate. We’re … we simply can’t!”
Ettore’s eyes darkened again, almost going black this time. “Are you that innocent? I shall enjoy educating you.”
Simon began to shake, gripping Ettore more fiercely. “I don’t understand. You must be mistaken.”

Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Release: Switch Him Up

My latest m/m story is now available! :-)

Alec couldn’t be more surprised when the “burglar” he swings a baseball bat toward turns out to be Christian, the lover who walked out on him six months ago. He never imagined Christian would come back, but secretly his heart had continued to hope all that time.

Christian returns to Alec, ready to face the consequences of his rash actions and deal with all of the issues he still has with trust in relationships. He can feel that Alec wants him, but Alec makes it clear he’s tired of being the pushover in their relationship. Christian struggles not to be possessive and dominating, while Alec learns how erotic it can be to make another submit to his will. Can Christian learn to submit completely, or will he lose everything because he can’t let go and trust his lover?

Alec froze when he heard a key slip into the front door of his apartment. Silence followed, but then the key turned very slowly, as if the person didn’t want to be heard. Silence again. He checked the bedside clock, which showed two minutes until midnight. Did some drunk person have the wrong apartment? Maybe he’d only imagined hearing the locking pins give way. He threw his book aside and jumped out of bed when he heard the knob turn and the door creak open. His hand found the baseball bat that always rested next to his bed, and he advanced slowly. If he could be as quiet as the intruder, he might stand a chance. Standing at only five-nine and weighing maybe one hundred and eighty pounds, Alec usually backed down from any physical conflict, but what choice did he have? He wasn’t going to hide in a closet while someone robbed him. His cell phone was charging in the kitchen, so he couldn’t even call for help from where he was. He had to try to stop the intruder himself.
As Alec tiptoed down the hall, the intruder came into sight. The guy was over six feet tall, broad-shouldered, and well muscled from what Alec could see. Why was he simply standing in the middle of the living room? Letting his eyes adjust to the dark? A chill went through Alec. Or had the burglar heard someone in the apartment and tensed for a fight? Alec took his chance and swung the bat at the man’s head, gasping in surprise when the guy whirled around and stopped the bat with one hand. Alec stumbled back and dropped the bat, fear gripping him. He wasn’t worried this guy would rob him, but he had every reason to believe the man would break his heart. Again.
The whispered word caused Alec to draw in a sharp breath, but for a moment he couldn’t get his lips to move. He slid down the wall, unable to stand any longer as his legs shook.
“Alec, are you hurt?”
A lamp came on, and Alec looked up into Christian’s deep blue eyes as the man knelt beside him. Alec shook his head.
“You look awful,” Christian said, reaching out to touch Alec.
Alec slapped his hand away and found his voice as anger surged within him. “How would you look if your lover walked out on you because of a misunderstanding? How do you think you’d look after six months of silence and anguish?”
Christian’s normally unreadable expression cracked a bit as he hung his head. “I came back because I found out it was a misunderstanding. I’m sorry.”
Alec struck out and hit Christian on the shoulder, hardly budging him even an inch. “You’re sorry? That’s a pile of shit. I told you it was a misunderstanding the day it happened. I left you hundreds of messages! I scoured this city and couldn’t find you!”
“I went home and stayed with my grandmother. Got a job and didn’t look back.” Christian raised his head. “I didn’t want to be in the city without you.”
“So you were just going to come in here and slip into bed with me? Seriously?” He waited for an answer as they searched each other’s faces. He would never admit that such a plan would likely have worked, that he probably would have willingly gone into Christian’s arms and forgiven him. He had to stay strong. As long as they didn’t touch, Alec believed he would be able to resist.
“No. I was going to sleep here on the couch and wake you up with breakfast. The first of many apologies.”
“You’ve got a lot of those to make. Our friends, Dr. Frances, your landlady. I took all your shit and stored it because I felt bad for her. She couldn’t bring herself to get rid of it. Yeah, she was always a bit weird, but she’s a sweet old lady, and you had her worrying herself sick. Things were insane in the department, and everyone had to jump in and do your work until we found another assistant. I had to teach your freshman labs. Doctor Frances was very disappointed because you were always his favorite grad student, which of course made you his favorite employee after graduation. Everyone was scared and wanted to call the cops, but we knew they’d just laugh at us.” Alec took a breath and glared at Christian. “And honestly, I can’t see why you’d want me back at all. You obviously have a pretty fucking low opinion of me, given what you assumed.”
Alec struggled to his feet and started down the hall, but Christian grabbed his arm. Alec tried to pull away, but as always Christian was much too strong. “Let me go,” he whispered.
“No.” Christian yanked Alec back to the floor and pinned him beneath him. “Just listen.”
Alec could hardly breathe as he lay trapped beneath Christian’s amazing hard body. Christian had straddled him and pinned his hands over his head. Alec couldn’t take Christian being so close, and he soon worried his cock would give him away. He hated being so weak, hated still being in love with the man who had nearly destroyed him.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Journey Home (Sci Fi Romance)

Journey Home is here, my latest release and my first sci fi story in several years.


Rebecca has been warned not to trust Arorians, but the one who rescues her from the aliens who sought to sell her to the highest bidder seems both kind and trustworthy. Caen is like a dream come true, but she’s scared to give him her heart, even after they become lovers.

Caen falls for Rebecca immediately, but she’s so afraid of trusting her feelings he can’t get her to admit she’s falling for him, too. As their journey draws to an end, he’s doing everything in his power to convince her to stay with him forever. But when a misunderstanding drives them apart, he’s left powerless and has to wait for her to see what her heart has been telling her all along.

Caen shifted in his seat in the waiting area. Rebecca kept touching him, and while he was enjoying it, he didn’t want to enjoy it too much. He couldn’t say anything to her though because someone might overhear them. The two officers had finished checking his ship, and everything seemed to be in order as they stood beside it shoving papers back and forth between them.
Rebecca ran her hand over his thigh, and for a moment he couldn’t hide his arousal. He turned to her and found her eyes fixed on the bulge just below his belt.
“Are you trying to get us arrested for indecency?”
She laughed, and the sound filled him with such happiness he could do nothing but blink at her. He shouldn’t be feeling this way. She sobered after a moment as she studied his face.
“Sorry. Just can’t wait to get you alone again.”
He had no time to respond. The officers approached them, and he stood. She stood also, snaking her arms around his waist. She rested her head between his shoulder blades and squeezed him in a loving way.
The officers seemed oblivious to her display of affection, probably too overworked to care. They gave him papers to sign and then released the clamp on his ship, telling him they were free to go and informing them where the next checkpoint was on their flight plan.
Caen murmured his thanks and dragged Rebecca back to the ship. He concentrated on getting them out of dock, ignoring her as she perched on the side of his chair. Once they were out of orbit, he turned to look up at her. When she smiled innocently, he pulled her down into his lap, making her squeal.
“You convinced every being in that port that you’re desperate for my cock. Did you think that wise?”
“We needed them to believe we were a newly married couple.”
“Did you consider what your touch would do to me?”
Her breathing was shallow, her breasts heaving in such a tantalizing way. “Yes. That’s why I did it.”
He maintained eye contact and slid his hand beneath her dress. So she had been serious about wanting to get him alone again. His hand inched higher as he searched her face. She spread her legs and moaned as he moved up her thigh, and he found her core wet. He slid two fingers into her and nearly lost control. She was so tight he had to bite his tongue to keep from asking if she were a virgin.
“We’ll need to go slowly. Arorians are … well endowed, even those who can’t father children.”
She curled her arms around his neck and kissed him, hard. He gave in, devouring her mouth and sliding his fingers in and out of her.
“It’s been a long time, Caen, and even then it wasn’t like this. No man’s ever wanted me so much.”
“Then Earth men are damn fools.”
She giggled. “Do you say that to all the human females?”
“Just the ones who drive me wild.” He slid his fingers deep, curling them and making her arch. “You smell sweet, and you are so tight.” He moved his middle finger in a circle, finding her most sensitive spot easily by watching her reactions. He pressed his thumb to her clitoris, rubbing her cream over it so he could work it faster. 
She tightened her hands on his neck and whimpered, the sound full of longing and need. Then she gasped, and he felt her channel squeezing his fingers. He pulled her head back enough to kiss her hungrily.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

New Release: Claiming His Bride

My historical romance Claiming His Bride is out today! I'm still in heaven over the cover. :-)

I love marriage of convenience stories. It's always fun to watch two people who are stuck together go from bickering to bantering to falling in love. The idea for this story came when my husband was flipping through channels and said something about romantic comedies. He said he liked the ones that didn't rely on the two people immediately hating each other to provide conflict.

So, I imagined a young bride who is prepared for a loveless arranged marriage being surprised on her wedding day when the groom is actually happy about the scheme their fathers pushed them into. I won't give any more away. ;-) Hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Victoria cannot even muster a smile on her wedding day. Her groom is handsome, titled, and wealthy, and her marriage will save her family from financial ruin, but she is still saddened when she contemplates the long, loveless years ahead of her.

Bastian never intended to marry, but he gives in to his father’s scheme because the more he thinks about the bride, the more he wants to capture her heart. He sweeps her into his arms at the reception, determined to make her smile and laugh, though he only manages to make her blush and stare at him incredulously.

Was he wrong to believe he could turn a marriage of convenience into a love match? Or does another man already hold the heart of his reluctant bride?


Victoria tried very hard to avoid Bastian’s gaze during the reception, but every time she turned around, she found him looking at her. She felt as if he were circling the room, purposely trying to stay in her line of sight. She looked down at the rings on her left hand. So now they were married. She sighed.
She’d always been given her older sister Isabella’s hand-me-downs and cast offs, but she’d never expected to be handed down a husband. However, she’d been given very little choice. Her father, a bankrupt baron, needed the Earl’s money, and the marriage to his only son had been the security the Earl had wanted for the loan. The Earl and his wife wanted grandchildren, and since they only had one child, the Earl had been obsessed with marrying Bastian off.
The engagement had been announced, and the wedding set for two months later. However, her sister had been unable to fit into her wedding dress two weeks before the ceremony because she was very obviously with child. And it was not Bastian’s, as he had only returned from four months of visiting family in Italy two days before the very revealing dress fitting. Isabella had been sent to a cousin in Wales to have the baby, and Victoria had been literally ordered to prepare herself for married life.
The Earl had insisted that Bastian was pleased because he had said upon returning from Italy that he would have “been happier with the sweet, pretty sister.” The well-meaning Earl had reported this with a smile moments before Bastian had entered the room the day the new wedding plans had been settled. He’d obviously thought sweet and pretty were high compliments, but she’d been called sweet and pretty all of her life. The words fell flat on her ears because her sister had always been called beautiful, enchanting, captivating, and breathtaking. Her sharp tongue and fiery temper had earned her both a reputation and an eager train of suitors. Obviously, though she’d treated most of them with disdain, one of those suitors had been to her liking. Her sister still hadn’t said who the child’s father was, but if they were in love, as Isabella insisted, Victoria believed he would reveal himself when he learned Isabella had left London.
“My lady, would you care to dance?” came a whisper in her ear.
She turned, clasping her hands together to dispel the shiver that had gone up her spine. She nodded and slid her hand into Bastian’s. She couldn’t refuse her new husband a dance at their wedding reception with two hundred people watching, no matter how wary she was of him. She hardly knew him, and his quiet intensity had always intimidated her.
He led her to the center of the room, and then the music began again. “Am I so unattractive you can’t even stand to look at me as we dance?” he teased.
She raised her eyes, his light and playful tone surprising her. “I’m sorry.” He wasn’t unattractive at all. He towered over every person in the room, and his healthy complexion and dark hair and eyes had more than enough appeal. His lean, muscular form left little to be desired as well. “Can you blame me for being uncomfortable?”
He frowned. “Why are you uncomfortable?” he asked as they spun amidst the other couples coming onto the floor with them. “What can I do to remedy it?”
She couldn’t keep from furrowing her brow and letting every ounce of her confusion show. “I don’t think you understand. I’ve been sold to you, to your family, all because my father needs money, your father wants grandchildren, and my sister is foolish.”
His frown deepened, reaching his eyes. “So you aren’t simply shy or nervous? You truly didn’t want this.”
She felt her face flame. “May we discuss this in private? I shouldn’t have said anything. I let my frustration get the better of me. I’m all nerves today, my lord.”
“All right. And please call me Bastian. I don’t want to be ‘my lorded’ by my own wife. Will you allow me to say one last thing though?”
She nodded.
“I’m sorry this has made you unhappy, but I was relieved to learn I wouldn’t have to marry your sister. I couldn’t stand her.”
“So you were forced into this as well?”
He shook his head. “No. My objection was not to getting married—it was to your sister. I told my father I would marry you gladly.”
“Marry me?”
“But I was not the original bride.”
He smiled and leaned close. “I had every intention of running away, my dear. I have a fortune of my own, and I don’t like to be told what to do. I was thrilled to learn your sister was no longer qualified to seal this deal.”
“What?” she whispered, darting looks around to see if anyone was listening.
“My father and I get along very well in public, but in private we are constantly at odds. I refused to marry your sister. He kept insisting I had no choice. He told me all the details of the deal, and I told him I would agree if I could marry you instead. He told me to forget you because Isabella had to marry first. I was already making plans to flee. But then, fortune smiled on me.”
“What man would choose me over my sister?” she said before she could stop the words. Then she gasped at her forwardness and lack of manners, and her face flamed again.
He actually laughed. “A man with a brain. Your sister is a shrew, but you are charming.”
They’d known each other for years, but until today, they had only had half a dozen conversations. “Oh.”
“Is that the best reaction I’m going to get?”
“Yes.” She gathered her thoughts, wanting to change the subject to hide her embarrassment. “Where would you have gone?”
“Some place exotic.” The dance ended, and he led her to the balcony. “We can still go, if you like. Would you like an exciting honeymoon, Victoria?”
She felt a strange flutter in her stomach at his words. “Whatever has been planned for us is fine.”
“Nothing has been planned. I told father we would both be exhausted, so we’ll stay in a hotel here in London until you decide what you want.”
She pulled her arm from his and just barely made it to a bench.
“I suppose I’m overwhelming you.” He sat beside her.
“I’ve been beyond overwhelmed for the past two weeks.”
“However will you make it to the morning then?” he whispered, his voice warm and seductive.
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Release: All Mine (Tales of the Highwaymen 3)

All Mine, the final volume in my Tales of the Highwaymen trilogy, is here! I'm very excited to give Theodore a happy ending, as he's been through quite a lot in the first two books.


Theodore has already been disappointed in love twice, and he isn’t looking for any more heartache. So when the handsome Nicholas, who happens to be suffering under a curse placed by Theodore’s mischievous godmother, informs Theodore that his love is the only cure, Theodore refuses to believe it. But Nicholas knows from their very first kiss that Theodore is the man for him. He isn’t going to give up until he convinces Theodore their love is what they’ve both spent years longing for.


Theodore ignored Gerard and Jacob as he ran out of the house. He’d explain everything to them once he knew what was going on himself.
“I have to do what?” he yelled at Nicholas as he caught up with him.
Nicholas turned a flirtatious smile his way. “Fall in love with me.” He shrugged. “I’m not worried, given the way you responded to that kiss.” He winked and raked his dark hair off his forehead.
“Having a physical reaction to a kiss and falling in love with someone are not in the same league at all.” Theodore struggled to catch his breath. “You’re being far too flippant about this. I can’t believe that’s the only way.”
“Go ask your godmother, if you can get her to stay in one place long enough.” Nicholas stopped and took several deep breaths. “It’s wonderful to be outside again. Do I need to explain it all one more time?”
Theodore glared at him.
“My, that’s a serious look. All right, here it is. I rejected your dear godmother Maeva because I don’t like women. At all, in case that kiss didn’t drive the point home. She got angry, and I told her to stop haunting me. That only made things worse, so she turned me into a ghost, as she put it, though really she simply took away my body and bound me to the house. Pretty sure you do have to die to be a ghost, but arguing the point probably would have resulted in my real death, so I let it go.” He paused, stretching his arms over his head, and then linked his hands on the back of his neck. “With me?”
Theodore nodded curtly.
“So, she bound me to the lovely family estate.” He unlinked his fingers and gestured to the manor behind them. “My family fled in terror.” He laughed. “And she’s right. I should thank her because we did hate each other. Most of the time, anyway. I was alone, just sort of floating around, until Gerard moved in. Then, the waiting began. But that’s over now.”
“You think so?”
“She told me I would regain my life when the right man came along. Touching him long enough would restore my body, which is why I held on so tight. Couldn’t have you getting away until you could at least see me. His kiss would free me from my prison here.” He took two steps closer, lowering his voice. “And his love will restore my life completely.” He held up his wrist, revealing a tattoo of a black heart.
“What’s that?”
“The mark of her curse. I’ll know it’s lifted when this mark disappears.”
“You’re free from the house now, but you said inside you were bound to me as a result.”
He nodded with a grin. “Indeed. Have to keep touching you to stay solid and warm, and if you roam too far I’ll find you eventually. So you’re stuck with me.”
“Like hell I am!”
Nicholas put his hand on Theodore’s shoulder. “You don’t get it, do you? I am literally bound to you. You can’t get away from me. You could be miles away, but I’d be able to come to you with a thought. We’re connected now.”
Theodore swatted his hand away. “And what gave you the right to drag me into this?”
Nicholas looked annoyed for a moment, but he soon smiled again. “You aren’t flattered? I only get one chance at this. If you don’t love me, I’ll be in this limbo until you die, and then I’ll die, too.”
“No, I’m not flattered. Not in the slightest.” Theodore actually was flattered the handsome, sexy man who kissed like a devil and an angel in the same breath wanted him, but his anger at being dragged into his godmother’s curse made that easy to ignore, at least for the moment. He didn’t know how long his resolve could truly last against the silver-tongued charmer and his dark, flashing eyes.
“You have the most beautiful blue eyes,” Nicholas said.
Theodore jerked to attention and realized he’d been staring for quite some time. His face flamed as he turned away.
“Don’t be embarrassed. I’ve been watching you ever since that day I saw you staring at my portrait and recognized you. I think we met at the palace a couple of times. I like your hair shorter.” He reached out and toyed with a blond strand. “You seem different now.”
Theodore stepped out of his reach, waving his hand away but not looking at him. “I’ve been through a lot.” Why did the man have to keep touching him? He groaned inwardly when he realized the circumstances of the curse were only going to make Nicholas’s flirtatious and clingy behavior worse.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Release: Your Money or Your Life (Tales of the Highwaymen, 2)

The second story in my Tales of the Highwaymen series is here!

Here's the blurb and a little snippet. Buy links are below if it captures your interest. All Mine, the trilogy's conclusion, will be out January 30.

When Jacob fell moving a portrait in the museum where he worked, he was worried about damaging it. He never imagined he would fall into it and wake up in another dimension. Though his day does start to improve when a sexy masked man rides to his rescue…

Gerard thought his friends Adam and Eloise would be the enchanted portrait’s only victims, but when he finds a gorgeous but bewildered young man wandering in the woods, he realizes how wrong he was. Now he has to enlist the help of a man he can’t stand to put a stop to the magic, even though he’d much rather be spending that time in the arms of the sexy man now sharing his home.


Jacob sat alone outside the manor house that, it seemed, served as Gerard’s headquarters and hideaway. Adam and Eloise walked along the path by the little pond in front of it, trying to be casual but failing. They both kept sneaking glances at him, as if to make sure he hadn’t had a nervous breakdown or tried to run away. Jacob looked to the road again, wondering when Gerard would come back. No one had passed by since they’d come outside. He felt drawn to Gerard in a way he’d never experienced before. The attraction had seemed mutual, though most of his day had been a bit of a blur. He might have imagined it.
One moment, he’d been in the museum helping to move a painting of an unknown eighteenth-century gentleman so that some water damage in the wall could be repaired. The next moment, he’d tripped and hit his head on the marble banister, and he and the painting had gone tumbling down the stairs. Instead of landing at the bottom, he’d landed in a pile of hay and hit his head a second time. Then, there had been nothing but darkness.
He’d woken up alone in a barn with a pounding headache. Gerard found him hours later, though he had no idea how many. He’d only known one thing in that moment: his life as he knew it had been turned upside down, twice. First, he awoke in a strange place with no knowledge of where he was or how he got there, and then a devastatingly gorgeous masked man in a flowing black cloak had come riding up to him on a horse. And what had he done when this dashing man had come to his rescue, swinging down off his horse gallantly and offering his strong hand? Jacob had rambled like an idiot and almost fainted from hyperventilation and, they later discovered, loss of blood.
Gerard had tried to calm and soothe him, but it had all been so confusing. What Gerard, Adam, and Eloise had told him started to make sense when he began asking for details about the museum. Were they really Eloise the grant writer who had disappeared and Adam the art historian the police believed had kidnapped and possibly murdered her before disappearing himself? Maybe they were. He’d never met them, as he’d only been at the museum for two weeks, but it was too perfect a match to be a coincidence. He briefly wondered what might be happening back at the museum. If what he’d been told today were true, that portrait was unbelievably dangerous. He’d been rather stunned to see its twin leaning against the wall of the barn, looking neglected and completely out of place. It had only confused him more.
The sound of hooves raised his attention. Gerard came charging up on his beautiful brown horse. His dark cloak flowed behind him, and his white shirt and military-style jacket were partially open, revealing a smooth and well-muscled chest. The leather pants hugged his thighs, and Jacob really liked the high riding boots he wore. He watched him rubbing his horse’s neck as he led it to a pasture. His long, powerful strides had Jacob thinking all sorts of wicked thoughts. The clothes in this world were sending him into very Jane Austenesque fantasies. He pictured Gerard coming up out of a lake, soaking wet, like Mr. Darcy, and licked his lips.
Gerard’s chuckle made him realize not only that had he been staring but also that he had been noticed. The man put one foot on the step beside Jacob and leaned on his knee. He smelled like leather and musk, and Jacob found himself unable to budge.
“So, are you happy to see me, or just hungry?” Gerard whispered.
Embarrassed as he was, Jacob was glad to see that he hadn’t imagined the attraction between him and Gerard. The candid looks of appreciation Gerard had cast Adam’s way, contrasted with the casual appraisal he’d given the very beautiful Eloise, had confirmed that Gerard probably preferred men, but this blatant flirting gave Jacob far more confidence.
“Both, I think,” he answered quietly. The heated look Gerard gave him made him feel like he was losing blood again, and he soon realized it was all heading south.

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