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New Release: At His Mercy (Year of Moons 2)

The second book in the Year of Moons trilogy (and 11th book set in Valladora) is out now! For reading order, click here.

Ian opposes the death penalty and hopes to convince the king to show mercy to one of his subjects. Ian’s desire to free the man in his dungeon only grows when he discovers that the feisty, sharp-tongued leopard shifter is his mate. 
Kamon’s life is already complicated enough when Ian steps into it. Kamon’s always relied on no one but himself, yet now he begins to envision a very different future. He’s trying to keep Ian at arm’s length, but that grows harder every day as the vampire works relentlessly to change the mind of a king who’s never before granted any subject a pardon.

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Kamon sat in his cell, still full of rage. He’d often told himself Kara would be the death of him, but he’d never imagined it would be so literal. He ached to shift, but he didn’t want to invite more trouble, as he’d been too distracted to tell anyone he was a shifter. The guards would likely stab first and ask questions later if they found a golden leopard pacing around in his cell. He had enough to worry about already. His twin’s selfishness had finally landed him in the kind of trouble he wouldn’t be able to get out of.
The outer door opened, and a vampire entered, closing the door behind him after saying something to the guards. When the vampire turned, Kamon recognized Lord Ian. The man looked completely out of place in his billowing mint green robes, his shining blond hair flowing down his back and the silver rings on his fingers glinting in the torchlight. Kamon had never imagined a vampire lord would lower himself in this way. He’d heard that Ian was kind and generous, but Kamon didn’t care for vampires or the fact that they ruled over humans simply because they had such long lives.
The vampire approached, but Kamon didn’t say anything. He’d already confessed, so he didn’t see the point in submitting to more interrogation.
“Kamon, I’m Lord Ian. And I’ve come to help you.”
Help me? Kamon averted his eyes and pressed his lips together.
“Are you all right?”
Kamon glanced up and shrugged.
Ian came closer. “Do you need water? Food? Have you been mistreated?”
Kamon stood and walked over to the man, the stretching of his muscles feeling good despite the stiffness his desire to shift was causing. “No, I haven’t been mistreated. I’m here because I did something wrong. What do you want?”
Ian studied Kamon. “You’re obviously not afraid of being punished, talking to me this way.”
“I’m going to die. What’s the point in caring about anything?” Kamon pushed away from the bars of the cell. Something about the vampire’s scent made him want to shift even more. The vampire was attractive, and Kamon didn’t mind a man in his bed, but Ian was a little too pretty for Kamon’s taste. He preferred brawn to beauty.
Ian shifted his weight and crossed his arms. “Look, I’m going to forget your rudeness and get to the point. I hate executions and think the death penalty unjust. I want to help you, maybe save you. Domestic disputes are always complex. I’d like to be your advocate and plead with King Jareth, but I’ll need your help.”
“Not interested,” Kamon said, wanting Ian to go away. His scent was starting to drive Kamon wild. He wanted to shift, and more than that, he wanted to fuck. He turned to face the wall in an attempt to end the conversation.
“Not interested? Without an advocate, you’ll die!”
“I killed someone. That’s the law.” If this vampire pried too much, Kara might be executed instead. Many might call him a fool, but he’d never be able to live with that. His vain sister had always been thoughtless and selfish, but no one deserved to die for those things. She had an unborn child to think of.
“Why are you trembling?” Ian asked.
Kamon looked down at his hands and realized he was shaking. He folded his arms and tried to stop the tremors. “I’m fine.”
“You’ve got to be kidding.” Ian sighed, and Kamon heard the jangle of keys.
Kamon turned to see the vampire opening the cell and entering it. “No. Leave me alone.”
Ian took hold of Kamon’s shoulders. “I won’t hurt you. Or bite you. Tell me what’s wrong. Are you ill?”
Ian’s scent overwhelmed Kamon, and before he knew what he was doing, Kamon had leaned forward to breathe in more of it. He shivered, his eyes half closing, and Ian leaned away and stared at him.
“Did you … just … smell me?” Ian asked, his face crinkled in confusion.
Kamon once more pressed his lips together, something his mother had always done when agitated. He’d never been able to kick the habit. He wanted to do more than smell this man—he wanted to lick him. He tried to say something, but his brain buzzed with carnal thoughts, his body responding to the strong hands on his shoulders.
Ian studied Kamon’s face, then his eyes, which Kamon guessed had turned from green to yellow. “You’re a shifter,” Ian said, releasing him. “And you must find me attractive.”
Kamon opened his eyes. “Don’t flatter yourself.”
“Don’t get defensive. What’s your problem?” Ian asked.
Kamon needed to shift. Now. If he didn’t, he would jump the vampire before long. “I don’t have to answer your questions. Have me punished however you damn well want. Just get out!”
“You need to shift. Do it. I don’t care. I’ll turn my back if you want.” He did so. “When you shift back, you’ll be calmer. Then we can talk.”
“Are you some bleeding heart or what? Why do you give a shit what happens to me?” Kamon asked, his heart pumping and blood roaring in his ears. “I don’t want you here!”
Ian turned back to him and frowned. “Why are you acting this way?” he asked softly. Stepping forward, he asked in a more taunting voice, “Do I smell that good?”
Kamon turned away, but Ian stopped him and pushed him against the wall. His eyes lowered, and he saw that Kamon’s cock was hard and ready. Kamon met his gaze defiantly when Ian lifted his eyes. He wanted to push the man down and mount him right then, and if Ian insisted on seeing his desire, Kamon wasn’t going to be ashamed.

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New Release: Chasing His Mate (Year of Moons 1)

My latest book set in Valladora is here! For reading order of the series, click here for just the titles or here for full blurbs with covers.

Stryker has been looking forward to finding his fated mate for decades, but from the start, nothing goes as he’d dreamed. His mate refuses to even meet him, denying the mate bond without giving him a chance and actually running away to avoid hearing the vampire’s pleas. 

Joseph sees humans who throw themselves at vampires as weak and stupid, and he has no intention of giving up his free will simply because a vampire orders him to. His heart has been through enough without being forced to pretend he loves someone, so he flees. He wants true love and sees no logic in trusting fate to simply drop the real thing right into his lap. 

But Stryker refuses to give up and pursues his mate, prepared to do anything to make Joseph see what he’s really running away from.

Lord Stryker stopped pacing the tiles when he heard his brother sigh. “Sorry,” he said, turning to Ian. “I assumed he’d already be here after I returned from the king’s court. I should’ve made my apologies to the king and gone to find him myself.”
“I didn’t expect you to return so soon. However did you get away from the king? Even simple matters tend to keep you there a week, typically,” Ian said.
Stryker smirked and licked his lips. Running his hands through his short blond hair to get it off his forehead, he said, “I stayed out of his bed this time. I told him I’d found my mate.”
“Was he disappointed?” Ian asked, his tone bland. Ian had always thought Stryker both too promiscuous and too open about said promiscuity. He never came out and said it, but Stryker knew his brother disapproved.
“He and the queen both, though they found younger and more willing diversions easily.” Stryker began to pace again. “I’ll be faithful to my mate. I promise you that.”
Ian shifted, his expression softening. “I frown on certain behaviors out of concern. I’ve no doubt you’ll be faithful once you’re with your mate. My concern for you and Braden has always come from the desire not to see either of you hurt.”
Stryker halted. “You’ve never put it that way before.”
Ian frowned. “You’ve never asked, simply made fun of me for being a prude. Which I am not, by the way.”
Stryker started to protest but stopped himself. Ian was less comfortable with his sexuality than anyone else Stryker had ever known, but with luck, one day Ian’s fated mate would change that. Rubbing his lower lip, Stryker asked, “You’re sure you’ve never met him?”
“No, I don’t recall ever meeting Joseph. Do you know every single person in your dominion?” Ian asked as he crossed his arms. “You travel so much you’re hardly ever there. Joseph has brown hair and blue eyes. He’s said to be handsome.”
“Of course he’ll be handsome!”
Ian laughed. “Of course. What was I thinking?” Sobering, he asked, “Did you expect a male mate? Seems to be happening a lot lately.”
Stryker had noticed that as well, though he laughed at those who theorized about what the gods had planned. “I wasn’t sure what to expect. How old is he?”
“Twenty-six.” Ian rose and moved toward the door. “If you’re so anxious, why not go to the village and ask about him? I have other matters to attend to.”
“I’ll find something to keep me out of your hair.”
Ian smiled. “I promise you’ll be told the moment he arrives.” He exited and left Stryker alone.
Stryker pushed open the doors leading to the balcony and gazed down at the village. His mate had been down there for twenty-six years, yet he hadn’t discovered that until the man had decided to leave. Stryker closed his eyes as he remembered how it had felt when that first drop of blood had hit his tongue. He couldn’t wait to meet his mate and taste every inch of him.

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I've just released a revised version of one of my old short stories. I finally got to fix a couple of the things that bugged me when it was first released. It's only $0.99, and if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for FREE.

Katie O'Brien came to the Bluebird Inn hoping for a long, relaxing vacation. But then she meets Jack. The handsome pirate ghost has spent four hundred years regretting the selfish actions that caused the death of his lover, but he never thought he'd be able to end his curse by finding true love again. Yet when Katie walks into the Bluebird Inn, looking as though she just stepped down from the portrait of his lost love, he starts to hope. Their sexual chemistry is undeniable, and Jack hopes he can convince Katie to give them both the chance to find something even greater—the true love that could save them both.

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New Release! The Goblin King's Lovers (MMF)

I have a new MMF story out now. This tale bounced around in my head for a long time. I'm happy to finally share it.

When Eva was thirteen, she passed through the veil and became trapped in the goblin realm. She wanted nothing more than to go home, but fate had other plans for her…

Lorne has loved Eva ever since the first moment he saw her, but admitting his feelings to anyone else has never been an option. As the prince’s companion, and the future lover of both Davin and his chosen queen, Lorne can’t choose whom to love. His heart belongs to Davin, and only his prince can tell him who else may share in that love.

But Lorne will soon find that his prince knows him better than he knows himself, and their only challenge will be winning the heart, and the hand, of the girl who has only seen them as friends for so many years…


Lorne hardly noticed the people and things they passed as they moved. He didn’t really come back to himself until they were in Davin’s room, tearing at each other’s clothes. Davin pulled his boots off and threw them down before pushing Lorne’s doublet off his shoulders. Lorne became even more enflamed when Davin ripped his shirt in half in his eagerness, kissing Lorne’s chest and then pausing when he saw what he’d done. Lorne shrugged it off, loving the hint of embarrassment he saw in his prince’s eyes.
“Don’t look like that,” Lorne said, as he drew Davin’s shirt over his head. He caressed the planes of Davin’s chest and stomach as he knelt and unlaced his breeches. “I’ve wanted you for years. I’ve dreamed of this moment since our first kiss.” He freed Davin’s cock and suckled the head, the taste of the pre-cum making him sigh.
“Mmmm. Should have demanded this sooner,” Davin said as he tried to force his breeches down.
Lorne tugged them down and helped Davin step out of them as he licked and teased his cock. “You’re worth waiting for. The desire had to be yours.”
Davin fell back on the bed and drew Lorne to him. “Naked. Now.”
Lorne nodded, as if he was acknowledging a royal command, and Davin groaned. Lorne chuckled as he stood and yanked his boots off. He broke a lace as he became impatient with his breeches. Davin lay on the bed with his legs spread, his hand fondling his cock and balls. One finger kept straying to his hole. Lorne licked his lips as he kicked the troublesome garment away. His tongue had filled that sweet passage many times, and now his cock would finally feel that same sweetness.
Davin drew up and took Lorne by the hips, sucking his cock deep right away and making Lorne gasp. Davin’s tongue teased him, and Lorne held his head to fuck his mouth briefly. The soft moans of pleasure from Davin drove him wild, and he knew he had to hold back for now. As he pulled back, Davin’s mouth still pursued him, licking and trying to recapture him.
“Can’t wait to see you pleasure her with your mouth,” Lorne said, pushing Davin onto the bed and straddling him, stealing light kisses from his soft lips, “that sweet, talented mouth.”
“You’ll have to teach me. I want to please her,” Davin said, running his hands into Lorne’s hair and nipping at his neck.
“We’ll learn and explore together.” Lorne caressed Davin and then worked down his body slowly, letting his mouth linger on his prince’s most sensitive spots. “As we learned with each other. Instinct.” He gazed up at Davin. “Every touch has been perfect. We wanted each other, and no one had to tell us what to do.”
Davin smiled, a soft, sensual laugh escaping his lips. “But I loved it when you told me what to do.”
Lorne smiled back. “Spread yourself for me,” he whispered.
Davin obeyed, lifting his legs to his chest. Lorne toyed with him at first, mouthing his balls and lightly licking his cock, which now wept with need. He massaged Davin’s hole with one finger, but he did not penetrate. Soon Davin wiggled impatiently, and Lorne slapped one cheek to still him. Davin sighed and buried his head against a pillow as Lorne rose and took up a tin of salve. The scent of roses filled the room as he slicked one finger and further teased his prince. He worked into Davin slowly. Watching Davin’s changing expressions made him ache, but he didn’t want to take Davin until that same ache filled him. It took him ten minutes to prepare Davin, and he could see his love ready to explode. Lorne had stretched Davin thoroughly, and he now had three fingers in the prince’s ass. He withdrew and inserted just one, thrumming against Davin’s gland, the one that gave so much pleasure.

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New Release: His Defiant Leopard (Year of Eyes 3)

His Defiant Leopard is here! This story is the third and final book in the Year of Eyes trilogy and the ninth book set in Valladora. For reading order, click here.

Thanos enjoys his quiet and solitary life, but when he finds two lost leopard shifter cubs, he starts to see that he’s been missing out on life by keeping to himself. Before he has a chance to try to help them, their older brother practically storms the castle, accusing Thanos of holding the cubs against their will. From the moment he scents Declan’s blood, Thanos knows the fates brought the cubs to him for a reason.

Declan is furious when he discovers that a vampire has taken his brothers, but Thanos is not what he expected at all. He knows he can’t trust anyone, yet he wants to believe the handsome vampire who immediately offers him and his brothers a safe and luxurious life. But Declan and his brothers have a secret, and once the vampire finds out, Declan knows the happiness being dangled before him could be lost forever.

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Declan sat on the long couch Thanos gestured to. The captain and his lieutenant had been most helpful, and they had mobilized immediately. Declan had heard Thanos giving express orders to make finding the men a priority. Something wasn’t right, and that scared Declan. Why would the vampire care so much about robbers? Yes, they had hurt Declan physically, but no one had been killed and no property actually destroyed or stolen. They might have had evil intent regarding the cubs, but nothing could be proven. Even though vampires could deal out justice however they liked, Thanos’s actions seemed too extreme.
Thanos went to a table and opened a small wooden box. Declan tensed when he saw Thanos pull out a knife, and he jumped to his feet as Thanos cut his own wrist.
“My lord, what are you doing?” Declan asked, inching forward to see better yet wanting to back away.
Thanos let some of the blood dribble into a small silver bowl and then he licked the wound. “If you drink this, your arm will heal. Unwrap it and let me look to see it is set properly. I don’t want it to heal in a way that could harm you.”
“I would prefer not to imbibe, if it’s all the same to you.”
Thanos set the bowl aside and grabbed Declan’s arm, cutting the bandage off with one swipe of the knife. Declan tried to free himself, but between the broken limb and Thanos’s strength, he could not.
“What have I done to deserve this treatment?” Declan asked.
Thanos examined his arm and didn’t answer. He took the bowl and held it to Declan’s lips.
“No.” Declan turned his head away.
Thanos sighed and set the bowl down. Still not saying a word, Thanos wrapped his other arm around Declan’s waist and pulled him close. His irises had turned red, indicating his need for blood. His fangs sank deep into Declan’s neck before Declan could protest. Desire surged through his body, but he fought it. Thanos drank deep, moaning and pressing their bodies together. Declan felt the vampire’s arousal, as well as his own. He’d heard stories, but he’d never imagined a vampire’s bite would truly feel so good. Thanos sealed the wounds with several long licks of his tongue, much to Declan’s relief. Another a few moments, and Declan would probably have climaxed and embarrassed himself.
“Now, drink,” Thanos said, bringing the bowl back to Declan’s lips.
Declan had to obey, as the vampire now had power over him. To his amazement, the blood tasted good, almost like honey, and heightened his arousal. His arm tingled, and he knew Thanos’s blood was healing him. The pleasure and shock had so overwhelmed him he hadn’t realized Thanos had bitten him in order to gain the power to command him. The vampire’s eyes had transitioned to black now, and Declan knew that meant Thanos wanted to penetrate him in a completely different way. He could still feel heat where Thanos’s tongue had swiped over his flesh, and part of him wanted to give in to the vampire’s desire.
“That was wrong of you, my lord,” Declan said, keeping his voice low to hide his need. “You take an unfair advantage to get your way.”
“I know you can’t feel exactly what I feel,” Thanos said, setting the bowl aside and making Declan look at him. “You’re stubborn and would not accept my help, so I forced you to accept it. I’m sorry. As penance, I’ll give you relief but ask nothing in return.”
“Relief?” Declan gasped and jerked away when he realized what the vampire meant.

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His Dark Kiss

My latest release, and my first MF romance in over a year, is now here!

Victoria returns to England to bury her adoptive brother and take care of her now orphaned godson, Cyngen. She’d always been curious about the mysterious Darien, Cyngen’s other godparent, but her intense reaction to his presence complicates matters as the three of them begin a new life together. His behavior confuses her on a daily basis, but she has no desire to fight the pull she feels.

Darien can’t stop thinking about Victoria, not only because she’s grown into a fascinating woman but also because he has a duty to protect her and their godson. He cannot warn her of the danger she is in, as he’d have to reveal the secret of his true nature—and Cyngen’s. He’s content only to be near her every day, until his hand is forced and the truth comes out. Even if he can save her, he still might lose her forever if she cannot accept him for what he truly is…

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Victoria Shelley sat beside her godson Cyngen as the men lowered his parents into the ground. She could feel everyone staring at them. The funeral of Jerome and Elizabeth Ravenwood was well attended because so many people wanted to get a look at Cyngen, the reclusive young heir to an impressive estate and a massive fortune.  The crowd was also curious about her, the seldom seen adopted sister of Jerome who had gone to America to work as a tutor for friends of the Ravenwood family in New York. She grew wearier with each passing day of the whispering and curious looks.
She felt herself on the verge of tears as Jerome’s coffin sank into the ground. She had loved him as a true brother because he had opened his heart to her as if blood actually bound them together. A hand settled on her skin where her shoulder and neck met. She felt the comforting warmth of Darien as he stood behind her. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see his hand resting in the same place on Cyngen’s neck. She reached over and grasped the ten-year-old boy’s hand. She watched him tilt his head so that his cheek touched Darien’s hand for a moment. The sad yet loving gesture momentarily made it harder for her to hold her tears back. Then Cyngen straightened, taking a deep breath as he placed his other hand over hers. Soon he drew both of his hands away to clench them tightly in his lap. She knew he wanted to go home. He didn’t like crowds, and he hated the way people stared at him.
Cyngen was tall for his age but slight of build, his skin pale and his hair jet-black. He kept his hair longer than was fashionable for a boy of his rank and age and always wore it loose so it fell down his back and over his forehead because of his eyes and his birthmark. Cyngen possessed very strange, mismatched eyes. One had a bright green iris, so bright it seemed to glow and often startled people, and the other was completely blood red, except for the pupil. His vision was perfect, and no doctor could offer an explanation for this oddity. When people stared at him, he stared right back with a quite menacing gaze until they stopped. He was a sweet boy, but he was so defensive around strangers no one but those closest to him knew how kind he in truth was. The birthmark on the back of his neck, at least, was easier to hide. Five lines, which resembled scratches, ran diagonally from his hairline down to the nape of his neck. The marks had been bright red when he was born and had faded to a deep crimson by the time he was one month old.
Darien’s thumb ran over her skin briefly before he drew his hand away. She glanced back at him, but he was looking straight ahead. He appeared calm and collected, as if he hadn’t just touched her very intimately. Darien fascinated her, but she did not want him or anyone else to know it. He was Cyngen’s godfather, a childhood friend of Elizabeth’s. He had arrived on the estate within an hour of Jerome’s and Elizabeth’s mangled bodies being found at the edge of the woods by the servants. Victoria had not seen him for more than a few passing moments since the day they had stood side by side in the church when Cyngen was christened. However, Cyngen had told her a great deal about him in his letters. Though his work—whatever it was, she did not know—kept him away for months on end and made his schedule so unpredictable he could almost never attend family functions, he’d visited Cyngen half a dozen times a year for the past decade, and the young boy adored him. Since her arrival, she had observed Darien and Cyngen with a great deal of curiosity. Darien behaved more like a manservant than a godfather, constantly shadowing the boy as though he were afraid something might happen to him or he might need something. He helped him dress and brought him his meals when he didn’t feel like coming down to eat in the dining room, and he behaved like a guard dog, if a polite one, toward almost everyone who tried to get near Cyngen.
When Darien turned his eyes to hers and leaned down, she realized she had been sitting there staring up at him. She wondered how many other people had noticed, but it was too late to do anything about it now.
“Do you require anything, Miss Shelley?” he asked with concern. His sensual voice sent a shiver all the way down her body, especially as his tone made her feel as if we would move heaven and earth to grant her request.
Her face flamed as she imagined what the crowd around them might be whispering. She and Cyngen were seated alone near the graves in full view of everyone, and she dared not turn her head to see how many people were looking at them.
She dabbed at her eyes with her handkerchief. “I am fine, thank you, Darien.”
A moment later, the three of them were beckoned forward by one of the deacons to say a final farewell. Cyngen threw of mix of red, white, and pink roses from the estate’s hothouse onto his mother’s coffin. Victoria sprinkled a bit of dirt from the estate onto Jerome’s coffin, a family tradition he had insisted upon in his will. Darien held nothing in his hands. He stood silently contemplating the graves before bowing and then walking over to stand beside Cyngen. That action puzzled her, but somehow it comforted her. Just like everything else about him.
“We can leave now,” he said as he touched Cyngen’s shoulder, seemingly to stop him from taking his seat again. “Two weeks of condolences and idle chatter have been more than enough, and the police investigation has been taxing for everyone. The rector will offer final words and explain that we wish to be left alone for the next month.” He turned Cyngen toward the carriages and offered his arm to Victoria.
She did not speak until they were almost to the road. “Are you sure it’s acceptable, Darien?” The etiquette expected of members of the Ravenwood family had been the hardest thing to grow accustomed to when she went to live with them. Even after nearly twenty years, she still worried she would do something wrong. It had been one reason she had decided to go to America in the first place.
He turned his silver eyes toward her and nodded simply. The sun gleamed off his dark hair. “Yes. Cyngen wants to be left alone.”
That wasn’t really a proper answer to her question, but she turned to look ahead again. The footman opened the carriage door for Cyngen, who climbed inside quickly. Darien handed her in, then boarded and sat across from her beside Cyngen.
“Would you like to explore the attic with us, Victoria?” Cyngen asked when the carriage began to move.
“That sounds like a welcome distraction,” she said. “Are you going to do it this afternoon?”
“Yes. Darien said we could after lunch. I’ve heard noises, and we’re going to investigate.”
“Noises?” She had heard many odd noises at night, but she had convinced herself it was either the servants or the house settling.
Darien cleared his throat and pushed a strand of his dark hair off his forehead. “I suspect a few birds have gotten in and become trapped. We’re going to see what we can find. There are lots of old trunks and boxes of books and clothes. Even if we don’t find the source of the noises, it should be enjoyable.” He put his arm around Cyngen, who turned shimmering eyes to the window.
She’d willingly attempt to climb a mountain this afternoon if it would keep Cyngen from being sad and lonely. “I would love to. I haven’t been up there since I just a little older than you are.”
Cyngen blinked several times, the tears seeming to abate. “You were ten when you came to the estate, weren’t you?”
“Yes, I was. That’s when my parents died. Your grandfather was my father’s employer. Your father had just turned fifteen, and he was so upset when he found out I had no family that he begged his parents to let me live with them. It was very kind of them to take me in. I wish you could have known your grandparents.”
Cyngen took a deep breath and turned away from the window to look at her. “The will said only one of you is required to remain with me, but I want you to stay with us, Victoria. I’m sure America is exciting, but we can travel anywhere you like. You can have anything you want if you stay with us.” His voice cracked, his tone sounding desperate and pleading.
She scolded herself for not discussing her plans with him and Darien earlier. She’d written to the lawyer immediately, before even making her travel plans, and she’d assumed he would have made her plans known. She leaned forward and took both of Cyngen’s small hands in hers. “Oh, Cyngen, of course I will stay. I’m sorry I didn’t make that clear. I thought you knew I planned to remain here.”
Cyngen looked ready to cry again, though perhaps this time from relief, and Darien stepped in.
“We didn’t want to presume, Miss Shelley,” he said. “You have a job and a life in New York.”
“I told everyone I would not be returning less than an hour after I received the telegram. The children were indifferent, and their parents just nodded and asked how soon I would be leaving. I was little more than a servant to them. They only paid me so well because your father insisted. The youngest is nine now, so I might have been returning here anyway. I missed everyone, even though my three years in America were a wonderful experience. It was interesting to teach in another country. I learned so much. But I am glad to be back here with you.”
“You can be my tutor now, can’t you? I often heard mother and father’s friends ask when you were coming back. Many of them wanted to engage you, but I want you to tutor me. And Darien can teach me to play the violin. I want to learn.”
She inclined her head to look at him. “I didn’t know that you played, Darien.”
He nodded once. “I do. Cyngen enjoys my playing, at least.”
“Yes, Cyngen, I can be your tutor for the next few years. I mostly teach girls and younger children though, so in a few years we’ll need to engage someone new to prepare you for university.” She turned to Darien. “Is there a tutor now? I haven’t met one at the house.”
“Jerome had been his tutor for the past year. The last tutor was … a very unsuitable example for Cyngen.”
“He was a thief,” Cyngen said, “and he upset Gwendolyn.”
Victoria’s eyes flicked to Darien’s briefly, and he nodded slightly. Gwendolyn was one of the kitchen maids, and Victoria had noticed that she had a child but no husband. “I see. Well, I’m not as clever as your father was, but very few people are.” She released his hands and sat back. “We shall have lots of fun together.”
Cyngen nodded, his mouth almost curling into a smile as he looked between the two of them. “We can still be a family.”
“Yes, Cyngen,” Darien said, looking into Victoria’s eyes. “A very loving family.”
She nodded her agreement toward Cyngen, unable to stop the blush Darien’s penetrating gaze had caused. She felt as if he could see right into her heart, and part of her wondered if, given the look in his eyes, perhaps he actually could.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Release: His Wild Wolf (Year of Eyes, 2) (m/m)

His Wild Wolf (Year of Eyes 2) has just been released! This story is the eighth book set in Valladora, and the second in the Year of Eyes trilogy. Each trilogy features a set of brothers finding their mates. How do they do this? Well, every vampire has one fated mate--just one taste of that person's blood is all it takes. If you're new to the series and want to check out the other books, the reading order is at the bottom of the post.

Ladon lost his protégé, but he has a mission to take his mind off the loneliness. When he arrives at the lycan settlement, however, he meets a handsome young man who reminds him with every glance exactly how lonely he’s been for many years. The problem is, the man he’s so entranced by seems to hate him. 

Kai has been curious about Lord Ladon all this life. He and the vampire are linked in a way he is reluctant to divulge, but soon Ladon demands an explanation for Kai’s scowls and long glances. When they discover they’re mates, Kai is certain it’s a mistake. His mind says they could never work, but can his body and heart convince him to submit and let the fates give him the happiness that has always been out of his reach?

Kai moaned as he slammed back against Ladon. The vampire’s cock had him stretched wide, but he pushed past the pain to the all-consuming bliss beyond it. He clawed at the sheets and moved faster, making Ladon give him more. The pain made every sensation sharper, and the torture soon became exquisite. Ladon didn’t look down on him for wanting this. The vampire seemed to love it, and he took hold of Kai’s hips and gave him more of what he craved. Ladon rammed into him, panting and making noises that told Kai how much he was enjoying this.
With everything within him, Kai wanted Ladon’s bite. He wanted to feel those fangs pierce him and experience that connection. He wanted the one who represented all the pain of his past to take that agony away, to erase it and replace it with pleasure. Why did Ladon have to be so beautiful? So virile and desirable and utterly perfect? Perhaps Kai wouldn’t have reacted this way if he hadn’t been denying his desires all these years. He moaned, his mind screaming that Ladon would have affected him this way no matter what. Kai didn’t want to feel like this, wanted to still hate Ladon, but his emotions, not to mention his body, refused to be denied. Even if he could only be happy for a short time, didn’t he deserve it?
Ladon pulled out and flipped Kai onto his back, entering him again swiftly and capturing his mouth in a heated kiss. Kai relented, wrapping his arms around Ladon for the first time. It didn’t surprise him at all how good it felt to hold the man, which was why he’d hesitated earlier.
After covering Kai’s face in kisses, Ladon asked, “Will you let me bite you?”
Kai came close to screaming “yes”, but he made himself nod. Part of him feared such a confirmation of how much he needed Ladon.
Ladon snapped his hips repeatedly, and Kai tightened his grip. His breathing became labored as he neared release, and Ladon chose that moment to bite him. Kai nearly blacked out from the pleasure. The moment Ladon’s fangs pierced him, Kai came hard, his cum spraying between them. He felt Ladon jerk within him and fill him with his seed. But that was only the beginning of the pleasure. Every inch of his body felt electric. Euphoria swallowed him as Ladon drank. When Ladon stopped and sealed the wound, Ladon shook as if barely able to control his own body, his eyes wild as he looked down at Kai.
“Oh, of course. I should have seen it.”
Kai didn’t have the strength or the will to ask him what he meant. He let himself get lost in Ladon’s hungry kisses, and he moaned at the delicious ache in his body. Ladon’s cock remained hard, firmly lodged within him. As their kisses slowed and grew gentler, Ladon began fucking him again.
Ladon’s flowing blond hair spilled over them both, and Kai caressed it.
“Do I please you?” Ladon asked.
Kai almost laughed, his body singing with sensation. “You have to ask?” He could only imagine how sore he would be tomorrow, but he already knew he would roll over and submit again with a single look from Ladon. He closed his eyes to savor the heightened sensations. Ladon had fucked him roughly, and already his body protested a little, yet it also wanted more. He opened his eyes so he could imprint this moment in his mind. No one so beautiful would ever look at him this way again. Even if he was not meant for a happy life, right here and now happiness was his for the taking, however fleeting it might be.
“I am very pleased with you.” Ladon licked and kissed the spot where he had taken blood. “Surprised, but oh so pleased.”
Surprised? Kai didn’t understand, but he saw no reason he had to. Ladon’s slower lovemaking and the friction it caused within his sensitive channel had him hard again, and he reached down to stroke his semen-covered cock. Ladon stopped him and took hold of Kai’s cock himself. He lifted Kai’s hips and quickened his pace as he jerked Kai’s cock. At this rate, this one encounter would be enough to tide him over for a lifetime.
Kai let go and gave in to the pleasure, his cum spilling over Ladon’s hand. Ladon licked some of it away, and then Kai felt him come again as well. His skin tingled and almost burned, and pleasure throbbed in his ass and groin. He felt so blissfully sated as Ladon descended on him. The vampire’s kisses varied this time, frenzied ones following soft ones, over and over again. Kai smiled at how wanted it made him feel.
Ladon smiled down at him and touched his cheek, tracing one finger up over his brow and down the other cheek. “You will not leave me. Sleep here tonight. Every night.”
Kai let Ladon pull him closer, wondering how many nights there would be until Ladon left. “What choice do I have, since you drank from me?” he asked in a jovial tone, trying not to assign too much deeper meaning to the request.
Ladon looked at him quizzically. “As little choice as I now have.” He kissed Kai’s temple and rose to extinguish the candles and the lantern.
“Well, you can command me tonight,” Kai said as he admired Ladon, “but I might not let you drink tomorrow, you know.” He knew it was a lie, but he felt the need to grasp at the control he’d given up in letting Ladon drink.
Ladon gazed down at Kai, his expression still a bit odd. “I see your cockiness has returned now that you’re sated.”
“You’re the one responsible for that, of course, so stop complaining.” Kai rolled over to get comfortable and end the conversation. Though he couldn’t tell what Ladon was thinking, he couldn’t help but notice that the vampire seemed good at reading him. He didn’t know how he felt about exposing more of his feelings right now.
Ladon drew him into a spooning position, and after a brief hesitation Kai allowed it. He’d known so little affection in recent years it seemed foolish to shun Ladon’s tenderness.
“Good night, my lord,” Kai said softly.
“Good night, my little wolf,” Ladon said into Kai’s ear.
Kai turned his head slightly, wondering at the possessive declaration and how Ladon had emphasized the words. But he let it go, not wanting to spoil the afterglow. Sleeping in the other man’s arms felt good, so good that Kai knew he’d grow used to it far too soon. Belonging to someone might not be so bad, he thought as he drifted off to sleep far quicker than he had in years.

1)  Tasting Cherry Blossoms (The Year of Hearts, 1) 
2)  Saving His Mate (The Year of Hearts, 2)
3)  Needing His Demon (The Year of Hearts, 3)

4)  The Wolf's Mate (The Year of Stars, 1)
5)  The Dragon's Lover (The Year of Stars, 2)
6)  The Vampire's Kiss (The Year of Stars, 3)

7)  His Reluctant Tiger (The Year of Eyes, 1)
8)  His Wild Wolf (The Year of Eyes, 2) -Newest Release!
9)  His Defiant Leopard (The Year of Eyes, 3) - WIP

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Release: His Reluctant Tiger (Year of Eyes, 1)

His Reluctant Tiger is here! This trilogy has lots of shifters. This is the first book in The Year of Eyes, which is the third trilogy set in Valladora (see my Booklist page if you are completely new to the series).

If you read The Vampire's Kiss, you already know a little bit about our two heroes, Shigure and Kyros. This book is set almost a year later.

Shigure finally has a home and friends who love him, and even a brother he’s slowly building a relationship with after years of estrangement. He thinks his life is settling down, and then he discovers he’s a vampire’s mate. His focus changes completely when he offers his mentor’s brother, Kyros, his blood and feels their connection. Loving others has always ended badly for Shigure, so he’s afraid to believe the fates are truly blessing him with so many good things all at once. 

Kyros wants to curse himself for not seeing that his mate was right under his nose for almost a year. But now that he’s found him, he’s going to do everything he can to show the timid and reluctant young man how beautiful every aspect of love can be. Just as Shigure starts to open up emotionally and yield physically, a summons from the king separates them. Now they have to trust that the gods didn’t give them a brief glimpse of happiness only to separate them forever.



Kyros felt bad that Shigure had worried, but he knew Ladon hadn’t meant to cause Shigure anxiety. “I think Ladon just wanted to be sure you were safe and focus on what we were doing. He probably didn’t think how you would worry.”
Shigure ran his hands through his thick brown hair, ruffling it as he laughed. “He ought to know how much I worry by now.”
Kyros took a deep breath as they stepped outside. “It’s a lovely night. I wish my arrival hadn’t been marred by this … incident.”
“Was it random?” Shigure asked.
“We don’t know. But the man made it clear he wanted to kill me.”
Shigure blanched at Kyros’s words. “He did? But why? What reason could he have had? That’s awful.” He hands balled into fists at his sides. “It makes me angry.”
“Angry? I’m flattered,” Kyros said, trying to keep the mood light. He hadn’t meant to upset Shigure. Over his many visits, he had noticed that the young man did worry and brood often.
Shigure looked at him, his expression sober and serious. “You’re a good man, and you have a loving family. You did not deserve to be attacked, and if he’d succeeded, your family would have grieved and experienced lots of pain. It bothers me. I love your family so much.” Then Shigure colored and turned away, going to sit on a bench beside a small pond.
Kyros hesitated, not wanting to add to the embarrassment he saw on Shigure’s face, but then he went to sit beside him. They sat there in silence a while.
“I’m sorry. I never had what you have. It makes me place that much more value on it,” Shigure said.
“Don’t apologize.” Kyros watched the orange and silver fish swimming in front of them. “You’re right. It would have been tragic. People who are blessed often take things for granted.”
“I don’t want pity, my lord.” Shigure looked to him. “And I didn’t mean to be forward. About your family. I’m not trying to worm my way into it.”
“You weren’t being forward at all. Ladon is adopted. The twins and Deanna, too. Honestly, I’m amazed Mother let Ladon take you away at all. I’m sure she wanted to keep you, the way she hugged you when you two set off to come here.”
Shigure gave him a small smile. “I’m too old to be adopted.”
“You’re still quite young to a vampire.”
The young man shrugged and looked up at the stars. “For so long, I was terrified of vampires. What a fool I was.”
“Children should not be blamed for believing what they’re taught.” Kyros rubbed his forehead, sighing as he looked to the stars as well.
“Are you still weak?”
“A little. I’ll be fine.”
Shigure moved closer, offering his wrist. “Drink. I’d be honored.”
Kyros truly was flattered by this offer. Shigure could be very shy at times. He hoped Ladon wouldn’t mind and tell him off later. Turning Shigure down would insult him and hurt his feelings, after all.
“I’m the one who would be honored. Thank you.” Kyros did not intend to take much. He ran one fang over Shigure’s wrist, and then he froze.
The scent hit him like a slap to the face, and he watched the thin line of blood grow, mesmerized.
Kyros did not answer. Instead, he licked the wound to heal it, savoring the taste of his mate’s blood. He drew Shigure to him and kissed him on the lips. The little gasp Shigure gave pleased him, as did the fact Shigure did not pull away. “Mine,” he whispered against Shigure’s trembling lips. When Shigure gasped a second time, he deepened the kiss. He trailed kisses down Shigure’s neck and sank his fangs in. Shigure tensed, but then he moaned and pressed against Kyros.
Shigure’s blood tasted sweeter than any ever had, which was natural because he was Kyros’s mate, but there was something else there. Kyros tasted another element, something tart that he had never encountered before. He drew back and got himself under control, healing the wounds. Then he wiped his lips and looked down at Shigure.
“You’ve been right before my eyes for almost a year. Why did I never drink from you before?” Kyros said.
“But … I like women,” Shigure said, though his voice held little conviction. “I don’t understand.”
“But don’t you feel the pull? We’re mates. I like women, too, but I’ll never look at anyone else but you with desire ever again.” Kyros pulled Shigure into another kiss. His hand traveled down, and he found that Shigure’s cock was as hard as his was. He broke the kiss and stroked Shigure’s hair, staring into his eyes and loving how surprised he looked at the intimate touch. “And you won’t either. I’ll make you happy, little one. I swear I will.”
“Wait. We need to discuss this. I don’t really think I’m ready for—” Shigure left off in the middle of his sentence as Kyros rose and threw him over his shoulder.
“We need some privacy,” Kyros said, feelings of possessiveness and pure lust taking over in that moment and making him impatient. “And I don’t feel like debating and then dragging you through the halls, if it’s all the same to you.”
“Mhm,” Shigure said as he latched on to Kyros’s robes.
Kyros had the urge to slap the young man on the ass, but he assumed he was already embarrassing him enough to owe him an apology later. Suddenly, Shigure’s shyness was very cute and arousing, and Kyros couldn’t wait to get him alone and start making him gasp again.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Release: The Vampire's Kiss

The Vampire's Kiss (The Year of Stars, 3) is here!

Loxis lost his fated mate years ago, and he put aside all ideas of ever falling in love. He devoted his life to fighting demons and helping their victims to fill the void left in his heart. Everything changed when he was summoned to fight a demon and help rescue a young man named Hiroki. Loxis can’t fight his feelings for the damaged young man, but he fears scaring Hiroki with his desires.

Hiroki has finally emerged from a lifetime of pain and torture, and he wants nothing more than to share that life with the man who rescued him. Loxis treats Hiroki as if he is made of glass, though Hiroki knows he sees longing in Loxis’s eyes in unguarded moments. As they embark on a mission to Hiroki’s homeland, he vows that he is going to make the vampire acknowledge what is happening between them, no matter what he has to do.

And if you missed the first two volumes...

The Wolf's Mate (The Year of Stars, 1)

Hatori’s life changed forever when he discovered that his real father was a lycan, as his frequent illnesses suddenly made sense. After achieving his first shift into wolf form, he hoped the last remaining clan of lycans could offer him some relief after a lifetime of suffering.

Yet nothing goes as planned when he travels east to meet with this clan. Since his first full shift, Hatori’s sensitivity to—and craving for—vampire blood has been a great burden. Surrounded by very tempting vampires and confused by what the lycans have to tell him, Hatori doesn’t know what his next move should be. But when one of the vampires tastes Hatori’s blood, it becomes obvious the fates wanted Hatori to travel east for a very different reason.

The Dragon's Lover (The Year of Stars, 2)

Ryu, a dragon shifter and vampire, has found his mate, a man he already has strong feelings for, but he knows his confession is going to take Takumi, a fox shifter, by surprise. In a few days time, Takumi will be taking holy vows, and Ryu and his brother set out to stop him from doing so. But when they arrive, they find the temple in an uproar because the leader of the order has been kidnapped by a demon.

Takumi is distraught because of the abduction of his mentor, Mikimo, and seeing his good friend Ryu gives him great comfort. Takumi had long ago given up hope of anything happening between him and the powerful vampire, so Ryu’s revelation leaves him shocked and confused. As they search for Mikimo, Takumi consents to become Ryu’s lover, but he remains reluctant to acknowledge their matehood. As they fight side-by-side, will Takumi open his heart and accept the love the gods have ordained for him, or will he hold back because he’s afraid of being hurt?

Friday, March 14, 2014

Love Knot: An Irish Love Story

 Caroline never believed in ghosts, until she moved to Ireland and started working in a two-hundred-year-old inn. When she bumps into the ghost of a gorgeous biker named Michael in the basement, she starts to feel the power of her mother’s homeland and a desire like none she’s ever known before. As Samhain draws near, Caroline’s relationship with Michael heats up and the powerful bond they feel grows stronger. At the same time, she struggles to find a way to get Michael to open up to her so she can find a way to bring him the peace and healing he needs before Samhain passes and once again draws the mystic veil between them.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Tales of the Highwaymen

As I'm enjoying working on my Valladora series, my mind keeps wandering back to a series I had just completed this time last year. Here's a little blast from the past, Tales of the Highwaymen. 


Stand and Deliver
Eloise thought being whisked to another dimension by a handsome man would be a fantasy come true, but the gorgeous nobleman in question can’t even make her come. As she tries to figure out how to free herself of him, she begins to notice a masked man following her wherever she goes.

In this world of lords and ladies, should she be afraid when this dashing highwayman rides up and demands that she be delivered into his arms? Her brain tells her to be wary, but her body tells her that the ultimate fantasy might be within reach after all…


Your Money or Your Life
When Jacob fell moving a portrait in the museum where he worked, he was worried about damaging it. He never imagined he would fall into it and wake up in another dimension. Though his day does start to improve when a sexy masked man rides to his rescue…

Gerard thought his friends Adam and Eloise would be the enchanted portrait’s only victims, but when he finds a gorgeous but bewildered young man wandering in the woods, he realizes how wrong he was. Now he has to enlist the help of a man he can’t stand to put a stop to the magic, even though he’d much rather be spending that time in the arms of the sexy man now sharing his home.


All Mine
Theodore has already been disappointed in love twice, and he isn’t looking for any more heartache. So when the handsome Nicholas, who happens to be suffering under a curse placed by Theodore’s mischievous godmother, informs Theodore that his love is the only cure, Theodore refuses to believe it. But Nicholas knows from their very first kiss that Theodore is the man for him. He isn’t going to give up until he convinces Theodore their love is what they’ve both spent years longing for.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Release: The Dragon's Lover

The second book in The Year of Stars, The Dragon's Lover, is now here!

Ryu, a dragon shifter and vampire, has found his mate, a man he already has strong feelings for, but he knows his confession is going to take Takumi, a fox shifter, by surprise. In a few days time, Takumi will be taking holy vows, and Ryu and his brother set out to stop him from doing so. But when they arrive, they find the temple in an uproar because the leader of the order has been kidnapped by a demon.

Takumi is distraught because of the abduction of his mentor, Mikimo, and seeing his good friend Ryu gives him great comfort. Takumi had long ago given up hope of anything happening between him and the powerful vampire, so Ryu’s revelation leaves him shocked and confused. As they search for Mikimo, Takumi consents to become Ryu’s lover, but he remains reluctant to acknowledge their matehood. As they fight side-by-side, will Takumi open his heart and accept the love the gods have ordained for him, or will he hold back because he’s afraid of being hurt?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Release: Wolves at the Door (MMM)

My first Twisted Erotica Publishing release is here, a contemporary shifter menage (m/m/m), Wolves at the Door.

Steven moves to a new town hoping things will change for him. Being gay in a small community where not even his family could accept him has given him nothing but years of loneliness. He hopes to start over and finally find someone to love.

What he finds is Patrick and Aiden, his two very handsome next-door neighbors. They express their interest right away, which surprises Steven, but the real shocker is when they reveal that they are both wolf shifters. Steven doesn’t know what to do. He’s already falling for one man, while the other one just confuses him. What he needs is time to think, but it soon becomes obvious Patrick and Aiden aren’t going to give up easily.

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