Friday, June 22, 2012

New Release: Moon Eyes (R-rated excerpt)

My new shifter romance, Moon Eyes, is available now! Check out a steamy (R-rated) excerpt below.

Abby plans an intimate surprise party for her friend Jeffrey, hoping their friendship is about to blossom into something more. She didn’t plan on almost being attacked by a black panther at his cabin, but when Jeffrey comes to her rescue at the last moment, she doesn’t question the good luck or the heightened emotions that land her in his arms that night. But when she wants to call the authorities, he informs her that she has nothing to fear because the beast that frightened her so is actually the man who just spent a whole night making love to her. Can she believe this amazing story? And if so, does this sexy beast only want her body, or has he cast his eyes on her heart as well?

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She felt the tremors begin. Could he really make her come so quickly? The tension building deep inside her told her he could. He sucked harder, and then gently bit the swollen nub. She came, her eyes widening as it happened. She gasped and bucked as his mouth locked onto her and furthered her bliss. The pleasure spiraled through her as his tongue stroked her clit over and over again. Pain mixed with pleasure as he did this, and she loved it.
“God, Jeffrey, how did you do that?” she asked as his mouth moved lower.
He spread her nether lips and ran his tongue inside her, ignoring her question. Two fingers entered her, exploring and teasing. She arched off the bed. He stood and shed his own jeans, and she sat up to look at him. She took in his powerful form, but her eyes soon focused on his cock. Dipping forward, she licked the tip, stealing the drop of liquid that lingered there.
He took hold of her head and brought her mouth back to his shaft, rubbing it across her lips. She opened her mouth and took it in.
“Perfect,” he whispered. He rocked back and forth and stroked in and out of her mouth.
She sucked hard and then relaxed, using her tongue to tease him. He pumped harder, then stilled and pulled away.
“Lie back,” he said.
She did so, but she kept her eyes on him. He yanked a drawer open and fumbled with a box of condoms. She licked her lips, relishing his musky taste as she watched him sheath himself. As he moved back on top of her, looking so masculine and sensual, she laughed with delight.
“When I planned all this, I was hoping for a kiss,” she said.
He fingered her slick entrance, smiling as he teased his thumb over her clit. “Were you?”
She nodded, looking deep into his blue eyes. She had never noticed the yellow flecks before, and she liked them.
He brought his mouth down onto hers very gently as he slid into her. His thick cock stretched her to her limits, but he had her so wet he slid in to the hilt without much more resistance. Sucking her lower lip between his teeth, he thrust once.