Valladora: Character Guide

A brief guide to all the major characters in my Valladora books. Each trilogy, which represents one of the seven years of the zodiac, revolves around three brothers finding their mates. Every vampire has one fated mate, but another can be chosen if the fated mate passes away or is never found. The series is best read in order.

Recurring Characters
Jareth & Julianna: vampires, the reigning king and queen of Valladora
Mikimo: human, the head priest at Yoshinaga
Sigmund: leader/seer of the lycan settlement in Lord Kyo's dominion

Series 1: The Year of Hearts
Ettore, Tavok, and Fredric

Ettore (rhymes with "story"): a vampire
Simon: Ettore's human fated mate
Elizabella: a vampire who lives near Ettore
Kadlin: her twin brother
Tavok: Ettore's brother
Lance: human, Elizabella's servant

Tavok: a vampire
Lance: Tavok's human fated mate, Elizabella's former servant
Satoru: a demon halfling and priest who uses his powers to fight demons
Fredric: Tavok and Ettore's brother

Fredric: a vampire
Satoru: Fredric's fated mate, a demon halfling
Romana: Satoru's mother
Wairan: a fire demon, Satoru's father

Series 2: The Year of Stars
Kyo, Ryu, and Loxis

Kyo: a vampire
Hatori: a lycan halfling, Kyo's fated mate
Lavinia: vampire, one of Kyo's sisters
Lily and Jasmine: vampires and twins, Kyo's youngest sisters
Takumi: fox shifter, acolyte at Yoshinaga

Ryu: a vampire and rare dragon shifter
Takumi: a fox shifter, Ryu's fated mate

Loxis: vampire with demon blood
Ana: Loxis's fated mate (deceased)
Hiroki: Loxis's chosen mate, also has demon blood
Shigure: a tiger shifter, Hiroki's half-brother
Damara & Gwendolyn: vampires who rule the dominion Hiroki was born in
Ladon: vampire, Damara's son, an alchemist

Series 3: The Year of Eyes
Kyros, Ladon, and Thanos 

Kyros: a vampire
Damara & Gwendolyn: vampires, Kyros's parents
Shigure: a tiger shifter, Kyros's fated mate
Ladon: Kyros's brother and Shigure's mentor
Rena: leader of the Blood Clan
Darius: Rena's brother

Ladon: a vampire
Kai: a lycan, Ladon's fated mate

Thanos: a vampire
Declan: a leopard shifter, Thanos's fated mate
Ziro & Haru: twin leopard shifters, Declan's little brothers

Series 4: The Year of Moons
Stryker, Ian, and Braden

Stryker: a vampire
Joseph: human, Stryker's fated mate
Victoria: Joseph's cousin

Ian: a vampire
Kamon: leopard shifter, Ian's fated mate
Kara: leopard shifter, Kamon's sister
Logan: Kara's husband

Braden: a vampire
Ville (pronounced vee-lay): seven-eighths demon, Braden's fated mate, former member of the Blood Clan
Ettore: a vampire, Ville's oldest and dearest friend
Simon: Ettore's human fated mate

Series 5: The Year of Gods
Erik, Jensen, and Dax

Erik: a vampire
Lucas: human, Erik's fated mate
Ciel: human ward of Erik's father, Lucas's best friend
Heather, Iris, Pansy, Rose, Daisy, Flora, and Violet: Lucas's seven younger sisters
Dax & Jensen: Erik's brothers
Matthew: Erik's steward

Jensen: a vampire
Ciel: human, Jensen's fated mate and Klaus's ward
Klaus and Sienna: Jensen's parents
Erik and Dax: Jensen's brothers
Byron, Ash, and Vane: vampires, Jensen's cousins
Sean: vampire, friend of Jensen's family and Jensen's former lover

Dax: a vampire
William: Dax's fated human mate (deceased)
Quinn: William's twin brother
Erik and Jensen: Dax's brothers
Ciel: Jensen's mate
Lucas: Erik's mate

Series 6: The Year of Suns
Ash, Vane, and Byron

Ash: a vampire
Locke: an alpha bear shifter, Ash's fated mate
Byron and Vane: Ash's older brothers
Evane and Lars: Ash's parents
Catherine (Mama Cat): Locke's grandmother
Lex: Locke's baby brother
Orman: Vane's steward
Gwynn: a maid in the castle

Vane: vampire lord
Arion: lycan, Arion's fated mate
Ash: Vane's younger brother
Locke: bear shifter, Ash's fated mate

Byron: vampire lord
Kit: fox shifter, Byron's fated mate
Maggie: healer, Kit's guardian and friend
Gregor: vampire lord in dominion where Kit lives

Valladora Tales

Orman: Lord Vane's steward
Gwynn: a maid in Vane's castle
Vane: vampire lord

Owen: a traveling storyteller
Edmund: a vampire and leopard shifter who was cursed by a demon
Lane: Edmund's ward/adopted son

Samuel: an assassin for King Jareth
Quentin: Samuel's best friend
Lizzie: Quentin's twin sister (deceased)
Jesse: Lizzie's son, being raised by Quentin