Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Release: Reaper's Reward

Reaper's Reward has been released at Evernight Publishing. I'm very excited about this one and really enjoyed writing a paranormal story after doing strictly contemporary for the past few months. Go check it out! I've got another awesome Jimmy Thomas cover for this one.


Lorelei can see ghosts and other supernatural entities, so Thanasis, who is obviously not human, intrigues her when she finds him arguing with a mysterious woman named Donna outside her shop. This intrigue deepens when he reveals that he is a reaper and says Donna must come with him for her own good. Donna tells a different story, and Lorelei wants to discover the truth for herself even though her growing attraction to Thanasis proves distracting. As she learns more about the mystery surrounding Donna, she discovers that Thanasis returns her affection. She becomes as determined as he is to rescue Donna when she learns the true horror of the situation, but what will happen when they succeed? Once Donna is safe, can she be with Thanasis or will they be separated forever because of what he is?