Friday, September 7, 2012

New Release: Gothic (MM)

I know I say I'm excited about every new release *grin* but this one is very special to me. I wrote this story several years ago, but I never got around to writing the final scene. I kept allowing other things to get in the way, and I am very glad it never got lost in shuffles between computers because I really love this story and these characters.

The title is meant as an allusion to Gothic, Ken Russell's film about the British Romantics. I set my story in the summer of 1816 as a little ode to my favorite authors. The tumultuous natural backdrop of "the year without a summer" seemed perfect for my two heroes and their journey.


Hiding in the shadows of his estate, Henry has resigned himself to a solitary life. As a vampire, he cannot be with one he loves for fear of destroying him, so he endures the darkness alone.

But when Tarquin, the lover he believed he would never see again, is brought to his door on the verge of death, he cannot turn him away. His only hope is that the love they once shared will prove stronger than the darkness circling around them both.


Henry caressed Tarquin’s cheek and then lowered his eyes, his manner relaxing and expression opening to him. The anguish on his face awoke a great tenderness in Tarquin, and he stroked his friend’s hand to reassure and encourage him.
“Forgive me?” Henry said as their eyes met again. “It is so close to sunrise. I feared you might be toying with me. You wouldn’t believe the things I said. My first sunrise was nightmarish.”
“Was it?” He ran one finger over Henry’s lips, a rush of lust like none he’d ever known taking hold of him. “Did you do wicked things?”
“Yes.” Henry’s eyes still held questions and doubts, yet a hint of desire could be seen as well as he slanted his head to press his lips to the heel of Tarquin’s hand.
“You are doing a wicked thing now.” He drew Henry closer. “You are making me wait, playing hard to get when all I want is to possess you.” He brought their lips together gently, licking and teasing until Henry gave in to the embrace. “Oh, yes, Henry, yes.”
The kiss deepened as Tarquin tried to touch every inch of Henry at once. When Henry struggled, Tarquin’s appetite only increased.
“The sunrise, Tarquin.”
Tarquin stroked Henry’s cock, delighted by the groan that slipped from his love’s lips.
Henry broke away, but once on his feet he pulled Tarquin up as well, the swift gesture more powerful and assertive than what he would have expected from Henry. “The bedroom then, if nothing else will persuade you.” His eyes blazed with something Tarquin couldn’t identify.
Henry amazed him, moving so quickly that Tarquin wouldn’t have found him if he hadn’t already known where Henry’s bedroom was. He stumbled up the stairs and down the hall, feeling euphoric. The desire that had been dormant for so long blossomed as he stalked into Henry’s bedroom.
Their eyes met as Henry tipped up the decanter of dark liquid and drank deeply. Henry seemed now to have a confidence Tarquin had never seen in him before. Moments earlier, he had been timid, afraid his friend was mocking him. And now? His eyes shone with power and lust. If this happened every morn, Tarquin might learn to love the sunrise instead of fearing it. Henry licked his lips as he held out the bottle.
“Drink, Tarquin. What is left in the bottle should do. I don’t want you to hurt anyone or be burdened with memories like mine.”
Tarquin took the bottle, but he didn’t want to drink. He wanted to make love with Henry.
Henry reached into his breeches, unbuttoning each side with one hand as he stroked himself with the other. “You saw how fast I am. If you don’t drink, I’ll run into the woods. You’ll never find me.”
Threats from Henry? And just the right one to ensure his obedience as well. Tarquin almost laughed in sheer delight. “And never get to wrap my lips around that?” he whispered.
“I see I’ve made myself clear.”
Tarquin tipped up the bottle before he could change his mind. It tasted awful, unbearably bitter, but the more he gulped the better he felt. He set the bottle on a nearby table. “I like you this way, Henry.”
“Do you?” he asked, stroking harder and snaking his hand around Tarquin’s neck. He gripped him with even more aggression as Tarquin leaned in to accept his kiss, seeking the sweetness of his ardor to dispel the bitterness of the laudanum. Their tongues warred against each other, Henry biting Tarquin’s lip, which made him shiver as his cock surged to full life. He nuzzled Henry’s neck and let his fingers play over the head of his prick.
“When we were young, you merely permitted me to touch you.” Tarquin broke away and dropped to his knees. “To do things to you.”
Henry slowed his strokes and ran his cock over Tarquin’s lips. “Now I entice you, seduce you?”
“You always seduced me, in your way.” Tarquin licked the head, then took the shaft into his mouth. Henry’s moans gave him more pleasure than a good, hard fucking from Robert ever had. He took Henry’s cock down his throat.
Henry thrust into his mouth, harder each time. Tarquin pushed him back until he hit the side of the bed and then drove him to sit on the edge, releasing him for a moment. Then he began to caress teasingly, using light strokes and pressing his thumb gently to the wet slit at the tip.
“Even downstairs, when your eyes questioned me, when you wondered if I truly wanted you, you were seducing me. I love the way it makes me feel.” He licked the shaft, nibbling and sucking the underside, and then looked up at Henry, who was staring down at him with need blazoned on his face. “To know you think so much of me you can hardly believe I want you … absolutely intoxicates me.”
Henry pulled him up and kissed him with a hunger so hot Tarquin nearly came. Keeping his eyes open became more of a challenge. Moaning against Henry’s lips, he said, “But I could accustom myself to this easily.” He let Henry draw him onto the bed, and they fondled and kissed until Tarquin managed to pull away and open his eyes.
“Let me finish you,” he whispered against Henry’s cheek.
Henry kissed him and then reclined on the pillows. Tarquin sucked him, using his tongue over every inch of his lover’s cock. Its hardness amazed him, and he joyed in learning all the best places to tease and suck.

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