Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Release: All Mine (Tales of the Highwaymen 3)

All Mine, the final volume in my Tales of the Highwaymen trilogy, is here! I'm very excited to give Theodore a happy ending, as he's been through quite a lot in the first two books.


Theodore has already been disappointed in love twice, and he isn’t looking for any more heartache. So when the handsome Nicholas, who happens to be suffering under a curse placed by Theodore’s mischievous godmother, informs Theodore that his love is the only cure, Theodore refuses to believe it. But Nicholas knows from their very first kiss that Theodore is the man for him. He isn’t going to give up until he convinces Theodore their love is what they’ve both spent years longing for.


Theodore ignored Gerard and Jacob as he ran out of the house. He’d explain everything to them once he knew what was going on himself.
“I have to do what?” he yelled at Nicholas as he caught up with him.
Nicholas turned a flirtatious smile his way. “Fall in love with me.” He shrugged. “I’m not worried, given the way you responded to that kiss.” He winked and raked his dark hair off his forehead.
“Having a physical reaction to a kiss and falling in love with someone are not in the same league at all.” Theodore struggled to catch his breath. “You’re being far too flippant about this. I can’t believe that’s the only way.”
“Go ask your godmother, if you can get her to stay in one place long enough.” Nicholas stopped and took several deep breaths. “It’s wonderful to be outside again. Do I need to explain it all one more time?”
Theodore glared at him.
“My, that’s a serious look. All right, here it is. I rejected your dear godmother Maeva because I don’t like women. At all, in case that kiss didn’t drive the point home. She got angry, and I told her to stop haunting me. That only made things worse, so she turned me into a ghost, as she put it, though really she simply took away my body and bound me to the house. Pretty sure you do have to die to be a ghost, but arguing the point probably would have resulted in my real death, so I let it go.” He paused, stretching his arms over his head, and then linked his hands on the back of his neck. “With me?”
Theodore nodded curtly.
“So, she bound me to the lovely family estate.” He unlinked his fingers and gestured to the manor behind them. “My family fled in terror.” He laughed. “And she’s right. I should thank her because we did hate each other. Most of the time, anyway. I was alone, just sort of floating around, until Gerard moved in. Then, the waiting began. But that’s over now.”
“You think so?”
“She told me I would regain my life when the right man came along. Touching him long enough would restore my body, which is why I held on so tight. Couldn’t have you getting away until you could at least see me. His kiss would free me from my prison here.” He took two steps closer, lowering his voice. “And his love will restore my life completely.” He held up his wrist, revealing a tattoo of a black heart.
“What’s that?”
“The mark of her curse. I’ll know it’s lifted when this mark disappears.”
“You’re free from the house now, but you said inside you were bound to me as a result.”
He nodded with a grin. “Indeed. Have to keep touching you to stay solid and warm, and if you roam too far I’ll find you eventually. So you’re stuck with me.”
“Like hell I am!”
Nicholas put his hand on Theodore’s shoulder. “You don’t get it, do you? I am literally bound to you. You can’t get away from me. You could be miles away, but I’d be able to come to you with a thought. We’re connected now.”
Theodore swatted his hand away. “And what gave you the right to drag me into this?”
Nicholas looked annoyed for a moment, but he soon smiled again. “You aren’t flattered? I only get one chance at this. If you don’t love me, I’ll be in this limbo until you die, and then I’ll die, too.”
“No, I’m not flattered. Not in the slightest.” Theodore actually was flattered the handsome, sexy man who kissed like a devil and an angel in the same breath wanted him, but his anger at being dragged into his godmother’s curse made that easy to ignore, at least for the moment. He didn’t know how long his resolve could truly last against the silver-tongued charmer and his dark, flashing eyes.
“You have the most beautiful blue eyes,” Nicholas said.
Theodore jerked to attention and realized he’d been staring for quite some time. His face flamed as he turned away.
“Don’t be embarrassed. I’ve been watching you ever since that day I saw you staring at my portrait and recognized you. I think we met at the palace a couple of times. I like your hair shorter.” He reached out and toyed with a blond strand. “You seem different now.”
Theodore stepped out of his reach, waving his hand away but not looking at him. “I’ve been through a lot.” Why did the man have to keep touching him? He groaned inwardly when he realized the circumstances of the curse were only going to make Nicholas’s flirtatious and clingy behavior worse.

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