Friday, March 15, 2013

Journey Home (Sci Fi Romance)

Journey Home is here, my latest release and my first sci fi story in several years.


Rebecca has been warned not to trust Arorians, but the one who rescues her from the aliens who sought to sell her to the highest bidder seems both kind and trustworthy. Caen is like a dream come true, but she’s scared to give him her heart, even after they become lovers.

Caen falls for Rebecca immediately, but she’s so afraid of trusting her feelings he can’t get her to admit she’s falling for him, too. As their journey draws to an end, he’s doing everything in his power to convince her to stay with him forever. But when a misunderstanding drives them apart, he’s left powerless and has to wait for her to see what her heart has been telling her all along.

Caen shifted in his seat in the waiting area. Rebecca kept touching him, and while he was enjoying it, he didn’t want to enjoy it too much. He couldn’t say anything to her though because someone might overhear them. The two officers had finished checking his ship, and everything seemed to be in order as they stood beside it shoving papers back and forth between them.
Rebecca ran her hand over his thigh, and for a moment he couldn’t hide his arousal. He turned to her and found her eyes fixed on the bulge just below his belt.
“Are you trying to get us arrested for indecency?”
She laughed, and the sound filled him with such happiness he could do nothing but blink at her. He shouldn’t be feeling this way. She sobered after a moment as she studied his face.
“Sorry. Just can’t wait to get you alone again.”
He had no time to respond. The officers approached them, and he stood. She stood also, snaking her arms around his waist. She rested her head between his shoulder blades and squeezed him in a loving way.
The officers seemed oblivious to her display of affection, probably too overworked to care. They gave him papers to sign and then released the clamp on his ship, telling him they were free to go and informing them where the next checkpoint was on their flight plan.
Caen murmured his thanks and dragged Rebecca back to the ship. He concentrated on getting them out of dock, ignoring her as she perched on the side of his chair. Once they were out of orbit, he turned to look up at her. When she smiled innocently, he pulled her down into his lap, making her squeal.
“You convinced every being in that port that you’re desperate for my cock. Did you think that wise?”
“We needed them to believe we were a newly married couple.”
“Did you consider what your touch would do to me?”
Her breathing was shallow, her breasts heaving in such a tantalizing way. “Yes. That’s why I did it.”
He maintained eye contact and slid his hand beneath her dress. So she had been serious about wanting to get him alone again. His hand inched higher as he searched her face. She spread her legs and moaned as he moved up her thigh, and he found her core wet. He slid two fingers into her and nearly lost control. She was so tight he had to bite his tongue to keep from asking if she were a virgin.
“We’ll need to go slowly. Arorians are … well endowed, even those who can’t father children.”
She curled her arms around his neck and kissed him, hard. He gave in, devouring her mouth and sliding his fingers in and out of her.
“It’s been a long time, Caen, and even then it wasn’t like this. No man’s ever wanted me so much.”
“Then Earth men are damn fools.”
She giggled. “Do you say that to all the human females?”
“Just the ones who drive me wild.” He slid his fingers deep, curling them and making her arch. “You smell sweet, and you are so tight.” He moved his middle finger in a circle, finding her most sensitive spot easily by watching her reactions. He pressed his thumb to her clitoris, rubbing her cream over it so he could work it faster. 
She tightened her hands on his neck and whimpered, the sound full of longing and need. Then she gasped, and he felt her channel squeezing his fingers. He pulled her head back enough to kiss her hungrily.

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