Saturday, August 3, 2013

Turn Him On (Sequel to Switch Him Up)

I wanted to do a little update because so many people have asked.

I am currently working on Turn Him On, the sequel to Switch Him Up, which came out in April. Multiple readers wanted to know what would happen to Alec and Christian after the "honeymoon" stage of their reunion was over, and one reviewer even said she wanted to see if they would still be together a year down the line.

So, thus far I've written 5,000 words. This story will definitely be longer, and I hope to answer all the questions people have sent my way. Switch Him Up was the story of their reunion and the resolution of one major conflict in their relationship. Turn Him On will explore how they have both grown and changed after a year together.

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me about this story. I love these characters, but I probably would not have come back to them without the gentle prompts. Feel free to email me or leave a comment here if there is anything you were curious about.

And, if you haven't read Switch Him Up, go check it out at Evernight Publishing.

Alec couldn’t be more surprised when the “burglar” he swings a baseball bat toward turns out to be Christian, the lover who walked out on him six months ago. He never imagined Christian would come back, but secretly his heart had continued to hope all that time.

Christian returns to Alec, ready to face the consequences of his rash actions and deal with all of the issues he still has with trust in relationships. He can feel that Alec wants him, but Alec makes it clear he’s tired of being the pushover in their relationship. Christian struggles not to be possessive and dominating, while Alec learns how erotic it can be to make another submit to his will. Can Christian learn to submit completely, or will he lose everything because he can’t let go and trust his lover?

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