Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Release: His Wild Wolf (Year of Eyes, 2) (m/m)

His Wild Wolf (Year of Eyes 2) has just been released! This story is the eighth book set in Valladora, and the second in the Year of Eyes trilogy. Each trilogy features a set of brothers finding their mates. How do they do this? Well, every vampire has one fated mate--just one taste of that person's blood is all it takes. If you're new to the series and want to check out the other books, the reading order is at the bottom of the post.

Ladon lost his protégé, but he has a mission to take his mind off the loneliness. When he arrives at the lycan settlement, however, he meets a handsome young man who reminds him with every glance exactly how lonely he’s been for many years. The problem is, the man he’s so entranced by seems to hate him. 

Kai has been curious about Lord Ladon all this life. He and the vampire are linked in a way he is reluctant to divulge, but soon Ladon demands an explanation for Kai’s scowls and long glances. When they discover they’re mates, Kai is certain it’s a mistake. His mind says they could never work, but can his body and heart convince him to submit and let the fates give him the happiness that has always been out of his reach?

Kai moaned as he slammed back against Ladon. The vampire’s cock had him stretched wide, but he pushed past the pain to the all-consuming bliss beyond it. He clawed at the sheets and moved faster, making Ladon give him more. The pain made every sensation sharper, and the torture soon became exquisite. Ladon didn’t look down on him for wanting this. The vampire seemed to love it, and he took hold of Kai’s hips and gave him more of what he craved. Ladon rammed into him, panting and making noises that told Kai how much he was enjoying this.
With everything within him, Kai wanted Ladon’s bite. He wanted to feel those fangs pierce him and experience that connection. He wanted the one who represented all the pain of his past to take that agony away, to erase it and replace it with pleasure. Why did Ladon have to be so beautiful? So virile and desirable and utterly perfect? Perhaps Kai wouldn’t have reacted this way if he hadn’t been denying his desires all these years. He moaned, his mind screaming that Ladon would have affected him this way no matter what. Kai didn’t want to feel like this, wanted to still hate Ladon, but his emotions, not to mention his body, refused to be denied. Even if he could only be happy for a short time, didn’t he deserve it?
Ladon pulled out and flipped Kai onto his back, entering him again swiftly and capturing his mouth in a heated kiss. Kai relented, wrapping his arms around Ladon for the first time. It didn’t surprise him at all how good it felt to hold the man, which was why he’d hesitated earlier.
After covering Kai’s face in kisses, Ladon asked, “Will you let me bite you?”
Kai came close to screaming “yes”, but he made himself nod. Part of him feared such a confirmation of how much he needed Ladon.
Ladon snapped his hips repeatedly, and Kai tightened his grip. His breathing became labored as he neared release, and Ladon chose that moment to bite him. Kai nearly blacked out from the pleasure. The moment Ladon’s fangs pierced him, Kai came hard, his cum spraying between them. He felt Ladon jerk within him and fill him with his seed. But that was only the beginning of the pleasure. Every inch of his body felt electric. Euphoria swallowed him as Ladon drank. When Ladon stopped and sealed the wound, Ladon shook as if barely able to control his own body, his eyes wild as he looked down at Kai.
“Oh, of course. I should have seen it.”
Kai didn’t have the strength or the will to ask him what he meant. He let himself get lost in Ladon’s hungry kisses, and he moaned at the delicious ache in his body. Ladon’s cock remained hard, firmly lodged within him. As their kisses slowed and grew gentler, Ladon began fucking him again.
Ladon’s flowing blond hair spilled over them both, and Kai caressed it.
“Do I please you?” Ladon asked.
Kai almost laughed, his body singing with sensation. “You have to ask?” He could only imagine how sore he would be tomorrow, but he already knew he would roll over and submit again with a single look from Ladon. He closed his eyes to savor the heightened sensations. Ladon had fucked him roughly, and already his body protested a little, yet it also wanted more. He opened his eyes so he could imprint this moment in his mind. No one so beautiful would ever look at him this way again. Even if he was not meant for a happy life, right here and now happiness was his for the taking, however fleeting it might be.
“I am very pleased with you.” Ladon licked and kissed the spot where he had taken blood. “Surprised, but oh so pleased.”
Surprised? Kai didn’t understand, but he saw no reason he had to. Ladon’s slower lovemaking and the friction it caused within his sensitive channel had him hard again, and he reached down to stroke his semen-covered cock. Ladon stopped him and took hold of Kai’s cock himself. He lifted Kai’s hips and quickened his pace as he jerked Kai’s cock. At this rate, this one encounter would be enough to tide him over for a lifetime.
Kai let go and gave in to the pleasure, his cum spilling over Ladon’s hand. Ladon licked some of it away, and then Kai felt him come again as well. His skin tingled and almost burned, and pleasure throbbed in his ass and groin. He felt so blissfully sated as Ladon descended on him. The vampire’s kisses varied this time, frenzied ones following soft ones, over and over again. Kai smiled at how wanted it made him feel.
Ladon smiled down at him and touched his cheek, tracing one finger up over his brow and down the other cheek. “You will not leave me. Sleep here tonight. Every night.”
Kai let Ladon pull him closer, wondering how many nights there would be until Ladon left. “What choice do I have, since you drank from me?” he asked in a jovial tone, trying not to assign too much deeper meaning to the request.
Ladon looked at him quizzically. “As little choice as I now have.” He kissed Kai’s temple and rose to extinguish the candles and the lantern.
“Well, you can command me tonight,” Kai said as he admired Ladon, “but I might not let you drink tomorrow, you know.” He knew it was a lie, but he felt the need to grasp at the control he’d given up in letting Ladon drink.
Ladon gazed down at Kai, his expression still a bit odd. “I see your cockiness has returned now that you’re sated.”
“You’re the one responsible for that, of course, so stop complaining.” Kai rolled over to get comfortable and end the conversation. Though he couldn’t tell what Ladon was thinking, he couldn’t help but notice that the vampire seemed good at reading him. He didn’t know how he felt about exposing more of his feelings right now.
Ladon drew him into a spooning position, and after a brief hesitation Kai allowed it. He’d known so little affection in recent years it seemed foolish to shun Ladon’s tenderness.
“Good night, my lord,” Kai said softly.
“Good night, my little wolf,” Ladon said into Kai’s ear.
Kai turned his head slightly, wondering at the possessive declaration and how Ladon had emphasized the words. But he let it go, not wanting to spoil the afterglow. Sleeping in the other man’s arms felt good, so good that Kai knew he’d grow used to it far too soon. Belonging to someone might not be so bad, he thought as he drifted off to sleep far quicker than he had in years.

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