Friday, June 26, 2015

New Release: Lesson in Love (Olympians 2)


  Eros hates Valentine’s Day. When his loathing for the lover’s holiday angers Zeus, he goes to his favorite bar to cool down. Instead he ends the night even more confused because the bar’s enchanting and beautiful owner Iris, who turns out to be a goddess herself, berates him over his horrible treatment of women. He doesn’t know his mother Aphrodite and the goddess Hera plan to use Iris to teach him what love is really all about.


Iris left her office and looked at Eros. If he had something to say, she was going to make him say it. She wasn’t sure what his mother had said, but she felt certain it had pushed him in the direction she and Hera wanted him to go.
“Anything else?” She walked over and sat down.
Eros looked up. “Well, I was hoping you would let me prove to you I’m not such a bad guy.”
She didn’t even try to stop herself from laughing at him. “That is the dumbest, most unoriginal way of asking me out.”
“How do you know I’m asking you out?”
“What else could you be doing?”
“I mean I literally just want to prove to you I’m not a bad guy. Spend some time with me. Let me show you what other women see.”
Iris thought quickly. Her problem with him had always been that she didn’t see what other women saw. When she looked at Eros, she saw past the looks and charm. She saw his potential. He was so good at making others happy because he liked doing it. She also saw how lonely he truly was. She knew she wasn’t fooling herself on that point.
She finally asked, “What do you have in mind?”
He paused, and she wondered if he’d expected her to flat out say no.
“Well, maybe a walk on the beach? Nothing formal like dinner. Just spend some time together.”
“All right. When?”
“Okay. Come and get me at midnight.” She got up and walked back to her office. Walk on the beach, huh? And perhaps a bit of frolicking in the waves? He was going to have to do better than this.