Thursday, October 8, 2015

Disguised Desires: Two New Releases!

Twisted E-Publishing has just released the Disguised Desires collection, and I have two stories in the mix.

When the mask comes off, Cody finds out who’s really stolen his heart…


 Cody looked down as Andrew pulled him close. He didn’t pull away, but he didn’t touch the guy either.

“You always this shy?” Andrew asked.

Cody looked up to answer, and his lips met Andrew’s. He expected an all-out assault, but Andrew’s mouth moved over his gently. Cody opened, and Andrew’s tongue touched his tentatively. He let one hand rest on the counter while the other rose to Andrew’s shoulder. He angled his head to deepen the kiss, but Andrew pulled back, a triumphant smile on his face.

“You’re not as straight as you believe you are,” Andrew said. 

When Hera flees to Paris to get away from Zeus and enjoy a little dalliance, she gets far more than she bargained for…

*This story is part of the Olympians series, but it contains no spoilers and can be read anywhere in the sequence. Likewise, nothing in the other books will spoil this storyline either.* 


Dionysus led her into a small, dark room. A large bed dominated the space, and a mirror covered one wall. Only, it wasn’t exactly an ordinary mirror. After he’d closed the door, Dionysus reclined on the bed and pulled Hera to lie in front of him.

“You may find this inspiring, my queen.” He kissed her neck. “And if you do, I am at your service.”

Hera pulled a plush pillow close and wrapped her arms round it and rested her chin on it. “It does look promising. Do they know they’re observed?”

“Oh yes. They desire it. Come here for this very indulgence.”

A curvy brunette with plump red lips and a heart-shaped ass stood between two blond men. They had undressed her completely and now fondled and kissed her body. The man behind her, who had much longer hair, held her breasts up for the other man to feast upon them. When the woman cried out in pleasure, the man lifted his head and kissed her as he pinched the nipples he’d just been suckling. She touched them both through their trousers as she writhed between them. Leaning back, she kissed the other man and smiled at them both, whispering something Hera couldn’t quite hear. She got down on her knees as they undressed and smiled at each other, and soon she took turns sucking them both. The men’s heads fell back in rapture as she took their impressive cocks deep.