Arundel is the land of the fairies, a world parallel to ours. It is a realm ruled by magic, and fairies can come and go between their world and ours with the permission of the king and his council. Arundel is ruled by Asyan (pronounced az-yen), and he has three children: Lucian, Raven, and Erik. Our journey begins with this family.

As Jennifer Carter recovers from her grandmother Lily’s death, she is told that her grandmother had fairie blood—by none other than the king of the fairies himself—and that he wants her to become the new guardian of her grandmother’s rose garden, which protects a mound of fairie magic. Asyan immediately feels that he and Jennifer are perfect for one another, and he is determined to convince her that they can overcome being from such different worlds, despite all of her doubts and worries. A little stray magic helps them along as Asyan’s well-meaning but meddlesome family decides to push this couple toward their happily ever after.

Raven, daughter of the king of the fairies, knows pursuing a relationship with Michael, a mortal, might get complicated, but she takes the chance because he has fairie blood and she cannot deny the connection she feels. She doesn’t count on accidentally Turning him just as they are falling in love. Her actions cause him to question their relationship while he deals with his sudden conversion to a full-blooded fairie and all its implications. She has to convince him their love is worth fighting for before the fairie council calls her to decide her fate for breaking one of her people’s most sacred laws. Even if she cannot prove her innocence to the council, she is determined to show Michael how powerful their love is because she knows she could face even the harshest punishment as long as he is by her side.

When Lucian meets Gil, he thinks he knows what Gil wants. Lots of fairies come to the restaurant where he works in the mortal world to catch a glimpse of the prince. And perhaps fuck him. But it soon becomes clear Gil isn’t there because he knows Lucian is the son of the king of the fairies. In fact, Gil doesn’t even know he’s a full-blooded fairie at all, and he dismisses Lucian as crazy.

Lucian goes looking for answers, and the two men can’t forget about each other. When the truth comes out, Gil’s entire world changes. Lucian decides to help him through this and stand by his side, but not just because Gil has no one else who would understand. Lucian feels drawn to Gil in a way he can’t explain, and after centuries of casual relationships, Lucian begins to think that forever with one person wouldn’t be so bad if he could make Gil his.

As the son of the reigning king of Arundel, Erik has never backed down from a challenge. He goes after everything with a boldness that sometimes gets him into trouble. But when it comes to matters of the heart, he’s been stalling for years because he can’t rid his mind of doubts and fears.

Lance couldn’t be more surprised when he finds out Erik is interested in him. But as he thinks about it, he realizes he’s been deflecting the man’s attention for years. He can’t deny his attraction to the prince, but he also knows they can’t ignore his old grudge against Erik’s father, or Erik’s past struggles with Marcus, the only father figure Lance has ever had.

Can they work through it all to find their way to each other? Or will their love be over before it’s begun?

Jareth’s always been treated as if he’s fragile, but there’s one person who doesn’t see him that way, one person who truly believes in him. And Jareth’s finally ready to admit he’s the only one who matters…

Tired of always deferring to everyone else and holding back in every part of his life, Jareth is ready to go after what he wants. He can’t remember the exact moment he realized he loved Marcus, but he’s going after his happy ending. He doesn’t know what to expect from the man who claims he’ll never love again, but Jareth knows he’ll regret it forever if he doesn’t at least try to win the heart of the flawed man who sees him the way no one else does.