Friday, March 20, 2015

Guest Author: Victoria Vallo

Victoria Vallo is my guest today. She has a new book coming in April. Check out the first in the series now before volume 2 is available.

Adam sits back and watches the authorities do nothing while a highwayman robs almost everyone who travels to and from London. They all care more about gossiping and comparing increasingly exaggerated stories than catching the thief. But Adam has a plan. He knows he can track the man, maybe even catch him…

When William realizes the magistrate’s son is trailing him, he tries to teach Adam a lesson. But his schemes to scare the young man away don’t go as planned, and soon William is far too enthralled to let Adam escape … leaving Adam to discover for himself why he’s really spent so long pursuing his masked highwayman. 


William secured his horse, Sophie, and flopped down under a tree. After weeks of humoring the pretty blond boy, whom he now knew was named Adam, William felt nothing but annoyance. He’d have to teach the lad another lesson to be free of him. Adam had been tailing him since just after noon that day, and William wanted nothing more than to have a hot meal and open a bottle of gin. But he couldn’t do that with the boy following him. Both his hideout and his ancestral home needed to remain secret, and he most definitely could not risk being spotted going between the two.
The lad’s persistence frustrated him as much as his pretty face tempted him. But the last thing William needed was a charge of sodomy on top of everything else that could be put at his feet. Satisfaction of that kind had to come from trusted sources, and unfortunately, his primary source of companions had died of heart failure. Luck was his only chance of finding a lover like himself now, and seducing the son of one the magistrates would be a hundred times more trouble than a few good ruts were worth.
William grunted as he remembered Adam’s wide-eyed look when they first met, as well as the way the lad’s breath had caught in his throat when William had touched his cock. He shifted on the ground and bit the inside of his lip to stop an erection. He didn’t trust himself near Adam if his desire came to full flame.
William yawned theatrically, and even as he did so he wished he could roll his eyes. Adam had developed some skills in the way of stealth, but the boy still made careless mistakes. He also made too much noise to follow anyone. If Adam had lived a bit farther south and taken to following Jack “Hawk” Durkin, he’d have been disemboweled within a week.
Quick Dick. I ought to post flyers and make them call me something else. William lowered his hat over his face just enough to hide his eyes but not so far that he couldn’t see. Of course, he hardly needed to see to know Adam was there. After about five minutes, William heard Adam and his horse in the nearby trees. Then he heard Adam shushing the horse and then crunching over fallen leaves. To his credit, he did at least stop to take his boots off, but William knew this because he tossed them down with an unmistakable thud. William held back a sigh. I should kidnap him to save his blasted life!
William banished that thought, as it made his cock stir anew. He shifted his gaze to his peripherals just in time to see bare feet approaching. Adam held nothing in his hands. Did he think he could take down a grown man with his bare hands? William waited, and he soon observed Adam’s soft, uncalloussed hand reaching for the purse of money tied at his belt. William reached out and grabbed the boy’s wrist and yanked him across his lap. Adam cried out while William set to work tying both hands behind his back. The job was done in twenty seconds flat, and William smacked Adam on the ass, hard. He then yanked his head up by his hair and said, “I ought to tan your hide. Pauper children are smarter than you!”
William shoved Adam off his lap and stood. Adam cried out again as he rolled, and he wound up on his belly. A couple of tears streaked his face as he looked up at William. Moving forward, William put the toe of his boot under Adam’s chin and lifted it.
“What shall I do with you?” William asked.
“I haven’t seen your face yet.”
“But you still seem to find me easily enough. How?”
“Determination. I don’t give up. You never stay hidden more than three days.”
William’s eyebrows shot up, which made him glad he still wore his mask and scarf, even though his hat had fallen and now Adam had seen his real hair. He’d have to cut it when he went home. The curls in the front would be too easy to identify if Adam saw him in a public place.
“You’re smarter than I thought, but not smart enough. If I were a different man, you’d be dead!”
“How are you different?” Adam wiggled enough to get on his knees. He pulled at his ties but accomplished nothing.
“I’m not stupid enough to kill a magistrate’s son … my dear Adam.”
Adam’s eyes went wide. “You know my name.”
“I followed you home the third time you trailed me. I ought to drop your father a note about your avocation.”
The boy’s green eyes narrowed as he frowned. “You can write?”
William chuckled. “Yes, and read as well. Confounding, I know.”
“Are you a gentleman? Is that why you won’t kill me?” Adam asked, his voice almost hopeful.
That confused William, and he wished he hadn’t let that clue drop. “I’m not telling you anything.”
“Then why talk to me at all?” Adam licked his lips. In a low voice, he asked, “What do you want from me?”
Half a dozen teasing replies came to mind, as the look on Adam’s face made William wonder how the boy would react if William touched him. Instead, he said, “I want peace. I’ve never robbed you, and if you stop, I swear I’ll never bother your family.” Nothing was going to plan. He was supposed to be scaring the hell out of the lad, not reasoning with him. Those green eyes simply didn’t relent, muddling his mind with every glance.
“I don’t care about stopping you. I wanted to prove I could rob you. Best you.”
William’s mouth fell open, and then he roared with laughter. He soon struggled to keep his scarf over his mouth. “Really? You want to join me then?”
Adam shook his head, his face flaming red. “Just prove I’m not merely a boy, or an arrogant prick.”
“I could’ve killed you a dozen times and still could, you know.”
Adam shook his head. “You’re right. You’re too smart. My absence would be noticed quickly, and the papers would go mad. Parliament would hear, and then they might finally do something about all of the highway robberies.”
“You’re delusional. The manpower and time would cost far too much coin. Even improved roads only make getting away on horseback easier.” William moved closer. “And in over a year, not one person has really tried to catch me. Not until you.”
“I don’t want to sit on my ass the way my father does!” Adam yelled, startling William.
Grabbing Adam by the chin, William studied him. “I’m not playing, boy. If you track the wrong man, he’ll kill you. Or abuse you until you wish to die.”
“Why do you care what happens to me?” Adam whispered, wetting his lips, which were plump and looked exquisitely kissable.

The next book will be here in April....