Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New Release: His Brother Keeps Her (The Wrong Bed 1)

My MF short "His Brother Keeps Her" (The Wrong Bed 1) has been re-released. It's been re-edited and has a new epilogue to lead into the sequel, which will be out in April.

Gary attended a family gathering expecting lots of things, except being woken up by a beautiful woman stroking his cock. She thinks he’s someone else, but she feels so right in his arms he can’t deny his own need. She seems surprised at his every move—does she know she’s slipped into the wrong bed too? All he knows is he can’t confess until he’s given her the satisfaction she so desperately seeks.


Gary woke up when he felt a soft hand on his back. His cock stirred as the hand caressed him. He hadn’t had a wet dream in a long time, and he wouldn’t deny he needed one. He hadn’t been with a woman for months.

“Matthew? Are you awake?”

Gary’s eyes snapped open. Matthew? The hand traveled over his waist. He’d always slept naked, so her hand was very close to brushing his partially erect cock.

“Sara?” he asked softly. He hadn’t expected anyone else to attempt to grope his brother in his sleep, but he thought it best to clarify that point since there had obviously been some kind of mix up somewhere else along the way.

“I’m sorry about the things I said. I wanted to apologize, and I thought maybe we could have one last night together. No strings attached.” Her hand played over his stomach and found his cock. “Oh my. You never reacted that quickly before.”

He opened his mouth, but her fingers wrapped around his cock and stilled his tongue. He was hard as a steel rod in seconds. “Mmmm” was all he managed to say.

His eyes focused on her in the moonlight. Her beauty stunned him even further. Dark ringlets fell down her back and over her shoulders and even in the dim light her face showed a classic beauty that was rarely seen anymore. She had a very sensual mouth. She wore a dark robe that had fallen partially open to reveal a very tempting breast.

What was wrong with his brother? Ten seconds of looking at her had made Gary fall completely in lust. And her hand? She knew how to touch a man. He would not deny that. Was Matthew really that much of a cold fish? Was he just completely uninterested in sex, for god’s sake?

“Sara, we need to—”

His words were cut off again when she leaned over and took the head of his cock in her mouth. Pleasure jolted through him as her tongue circled him and made his loins stir with passion. He needed to stop her. It was the right thing to do.

“Sara, please stop. We need to stop.” But then an involuntary groan escaped his mouth as she sucked harder.

And the m/m conclusion to The Wrong Bed, featuring Matthew and Heath, will be coming in just a couple of months.

Matthew never understood why he couldn’t fall in love until he realized he was gay. There are a couple of guys he likes at work, but he doesn’t feel ready to date. Yet when a mix up at his family’s cabin lands the hot, hard body of his brother’s best friend in his bed, Matthew begins to wonder what he’s waiting for. He’s already wasted so much time, so why should he deny something that feels so right from the very first touch?