Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New Release: Poseidon's Bride (Olympians, 1)

My Olympians series (which originally came out from 2008-2010) is being reissued by the lovely team at Twisted E-Publishing. Poseidon's Bride is the first in the series, and I'm very happy to see it available again. It appeared in an anthology, so it was often overlooked. I was so excited to see it finally have its own cover, and I'm sure you can see why...


Poseidon wanted to blow off some steam after a fight with his brother Zeus, but the fates had something else planned for him. When he sees a beautiful woman on the beach, he aches to touch her. She calls to him, the pull like the song of a siren. She’s mortal, but he doesn’t care. He has to have her. The ache in his body, and his heart, simply won’t be denied…

As he watched the girl pleasuring herself, Poseidon had to restrain himself from helping her. His cock begged him to take her immediately, but he simply watched, enjoying the pleasure on her face. He knew he could easily take her at this moment, become one with her in the waves without her even knowing it, but that wasn’t what he wanted. Not this time. He’d had many beautiful young things in just this way, but he knew he would want this girl more than once. He also wanted her to look into his eyes and know who gave her such pleasure, the kind of pleasure that would only come from a true and willing coupling. With one thought he made the waves around her stronger, just a little bit, and he enjoyed watching her writhe and arch under his power. Her wet breasts heaved as she moved her head to the side, her mouth open.
He allowed himself one erotic treat, stepping silently from the sea and lying down beside her, just close enough to feel the heat coming from her body. His eyes consumed her body and her face as she came closer to her climax. One touch of his hand would make her his, and his own powers coupled with her arousal would make their union so sweet, but still he held back. Now was not the time. He wanted only to enjoy her pleasure. He closed his eyes for a moment, and all his senses became one with the sea. He licked his lips as he tasted her sweetness, and then he smiled as he glanced back down at her. In the next moment she fell apart, crying out, unashamed to let the sea, and her unseen admirer, hear her pleasure.
As her body trembled and her shaking hands moved up her body and over her breasts, he knew he needed to leave. But the stubborn part of him wanted one last thing—to see what color her eyes were.
She opened her eyes and stared up at the sky, then her gaze darted to him, and in that moment he let the sea carry him away in a mist, holding in his heart the memory of those bright green orbs.