Friday, April 10, 2015

New Release: Possessing His Demon (Year of Moons 3)

The conclusion to the Year of Moons trilogy (and my 12th book set in Valladora) is out today!


Braden and Ville met by chance, lust drawing them to each other. But when they discovered they were mates, Ville only laughed and fled. After completing his mission, Braden finds Ville and demands more than one night from the man who insists his demon blood is too strong for love to ever enter his heart...

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Braden gazed down at the glass of wine in front of him. “What’s his name?” Braden asked the girl who’d brought the wine to him. He eyed the man who’d sent it over. He sat across the room and watched Braden despite already having two women who couldn’t seem to keep their hands off him.
“V-i-l-l-e. Vee. Lay. And make real, real sure you say it right. That guy he punched called him Vill.”
“He’s a regular?”
“Yeah. Few times a month. Takes a room upstairs and comes down to drink for a couple of nights. And he’s a demon, in case you’re wondering. Well, mostly demon, but don’t let that worry you.”
“That explains the skin.” Ville had bluish skin and purple eyes that glowed in the dim light. His long black hair shone like polished obsidian, and his glances had been driving Braden crazy the last fifteen minutes.
“He pays well and doesn’t bother anyone. Unless he’s bothered first. Idiots come in looking to prove something. Or just to be ignorant asses. They learn. Quick.” She brushed her apron and put a hand on her hip. “Any message? He’ll leave you alone if you decline. He’s more decent than most of the human men who come through here. Kept more than one from getting too handy with the girls here.”
Braden’s eye had been drawn to Ville ever since he sat down in the tavern. He liked how chatty his server was. Without even trying, he’d learned a lot about the man he itched to get into his bed. “No. I’ll go over and thank him myself.”
She nodded. “All right. Anything else, my lord?”
“No, thank you.”
She nodded again and left. Braden lifted his glass in Ville’s direction and then drank it in one gulp. He stood, keeping his gaze locked with Ville’s. He’d never slept with anyone who had demon blood, and this man obviously had a great deal. Braden’s cock hardened as he tried to imagine what it would be like.
Ville whispered to the women, and they both frowned before getting up and leaving. Ville sat in a circular booth, and he slid around and made room for Braden. However, Braden didn’t sit.
“Is there any point? I’m just going to drag you back to my room as soon as possible,” Braden said as he put his hands flat on the table and leaned over it.
Ville smiled. “What’s your name?”
“Braden. And yours is Ville.”
Ville licked his lips. “I like the way you wrap your tongue around that. I look forward to watching you wrap it around something else.”
“Then let’s go.” Braden pushed away from the table and headed for his room, almost immediately feeling Ville’s heat behind him.
As soon as they were inside Braden’s room, Ville grabbed him by the wrists and pinned him to the wall. “I haven’t been going for blonds lately, but you certainly got my attention.” He crushed his mouth against Braden’s without waiting for a reply.
Braden moaned and arched, the rough kiss making his heart race. Ville ripped Braden’s robes open and grasped his cock. He pumped it slowly and pulled back from the punishing kiss. His fingers barely touched around Braden’s girth, and he seemed to like the length as well. He licked his lips as he watched his own hand moving over the shaft. “Very nice. Glad you’re a vampire. I want to enjoy this all night.”
Braden chuckled and thrust his hips to meet the strokes. “Sure you can take all of me? I’m too big for some.” His long, thick cock had cut a few romantic encounters short in the past, but that obviously wouldn’t be the case tonight.
Ville dropped to his knees, ripping at the material of Braden’s robes again. “Just watch me.”
Braden was glad he was leaning against a wall. Ville took his cock by the root and guided it into his mouth. He took it down his throat quickly, glancing up with those glowing eyes. Braden shook and braced his arm against the doorframe. “Mmmm. Thought about this every time you licked your lips tonight.”
Ville hummed around Braden’s cock and swallowed around the head. He drew back and licked the tip. “I saw you watching.”
“And you were teasing me?”
Ville nodded slowly and ran his tongue all over Braden’s cock, up and down the shaft. He then teased the underside, locking his mouth against the vein there and sucking. Without warning, he took the entire shaft back into his mouth as he cupped Braden’s balls.
Braden pumped into Ville’s mouth and groaned loudly. Ville stopped when Braden was right on the edge. He stood and finished stripping Braden, his touch changing from rough to gentle so fluidly Braden trembled under his hands.
“Wanna fuck you first,” Ville said. “Wanted to bend you over a damn table out there.”
“Love at first sight then,” Braden said with a laugh.
Ville gave him a withering look but then chuckled. “Something at first sight.” He pushed at Braden and then slapped his ass. “Get on the bed and play with that gorgeous cock.”
Braden obeyed as Ville undressed. He slowly pumped with his cock in a loose grip while Ville peeled away the layers of leather. Ville’s body rippled with powerful muscles Braden longed to touch and lick. His skin was the same sky blue all over, and watching his hair cascade over his shoulders took Braden’s breath away.