Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New Release: His Brother's Best Friend (The Wrong Bed 2)

The conclusion to The Wrong Bed is out today! I wanted to write this story years ago when His Brother Keeps Her first came out, so I am happy Twisted E-Publishing gave me the chance to do so after re-releasing my first story. If you missed the first volume, read more here.

Matthew never understood why he couldn’t fall in love until he realized he was gay. There are a couple of guys he likes at work, but he doesn’t feel ready to date. Yet when a mix up at his family’s cabin lands the hot, hard body of his brother’s best friend in his bed, Matthew begins to wonder what he’s waiting for. He’s already wasted so much time, so why should he deny something that feels so right from the very first touch?
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Matthew felt something warm at his back. Something hard, something that moved. Then a strong, masculine hand snaked around his waist and a hard torso pressed close. Hot breath hit his neck as a sigh rang in his ear. He thought he might be dreaming, as his dreams had been pretty erotic lately, but then he saw the bedside clock and knew he was awake.
A cry escaped his lips before he could stop it, and he clamped his hand over his mouth as he wiggled away. Whoever was in the bed with him yelped, and they both sat up, Matthew diving for the lamp. He turned around, and his mouth fell open. Heath sat in bed beside him, blinking and squinting at Matthew.
And he was naked. Gloriously naked, every hard muscle exposed and his cock lying against his right thigh.
“Yeah? Matthew?”
“Yeah.” Matthew had no idea what to do, pulling the covers up his body a bit more and wondering why Heath didn’t do the same.
Instead, Heath laughed.
Matthew stared at the other man, but then he laughed as well. Something about the genuine humor in Heath’s voice relaxed him.
“Sorry, man,” Heath said. “Oh shit, Gary must’ve pointed me in the wrong direction.”
Matthew stopped laughing and frowned. “Yeah, I guess.” Had Gary done this on purpose?
“He said you sleep with your door open.”
Realization hit Matthew. “Yeah, in summer, like when we used to come here as kids. It’s cooler now, so I close it and turn the electric blanket up. I helped Sara make up the other room. We left the door open so it’d be obvious which was yours.”
Heath laughed again. “Didn’t work, it seems.” He moved in closer. “It’s totally my fault. I’m half blind without my glasses or contacts. I saw the vague shape of a bed and didn’t even…oh shit, I’m naked.” He yanked the covers up, slapping one hand over his mouth. He laughed yet again. “Oh man, I’m real sorry. I promise I wasn’t trying anything. I always sleep naked.” He swiveled and pointed to the bathroom. “I can go and head for my own room. Just turn away and I won’t flash you.”
“No, it’s okay. Stay.” Matthew had no idea why he’d said it, but it was there, hanging between them.
Heath’s eyebrows went up, but then he smiled. “It is nice and warm here beside you.”
“He told you? That I’m gay?”
Heath nodded slowly. “Yeah. Makes your offer even more appealing.”
“Did he mention I’m terrible at it?”
Heath’s eyes went wide. “When you say it, what do you mean?”
“Not sex. I haven’t been with anyone. I mean, just, you know, being gay.”
“There isn’t a manual. No right or wrong. Just be yourself. Don’t listen to anyone who thinks you have to be a certain way.”
“I have no idea what to do. How to act. When do I tell people? How? So many people know me as hetero. It’s confusing. Awkward.”
“I came out when I was fourteen. That was awkward. I was in a religious school. My parents were pissed when they were asked to take me out.”
“They can’t do that. Can they? Could they back then?”
Heath nodded. “Yep. Each student and the parents signed a long as fuck contract. One part was a code of conduct. Not only could boys and girls not be closer than six inches to each other, but also homosexuality could not even be discussed openly. They didn’t kick me out for being gay, but rather for telling people I was gay. Nice fine print there.”
“That’s awful.”
“Yeah, my parents might’ve pursued some kind of legal action if they hadn’t wasted time being mad at me. They’re fine with me being gay, but it pissed them off I didn’t see the trouble it would cause. You know, telling people? Almost everyone on my dad’s side had gone to that school. It embarrassed them and kind of blinded them to the real problem.”
“I had no idea at that age. I was quiet, so Gary was way more popular. I had a decent time in high school, but probably only because Gary would’ve pounded anyone who bothered me. I never knew I wasn’t het until I had bad luck in bed, shall we say.”
“So it was sex that proved you were gay?” Heath settled on his side, bending his arm and propping his head on his fist.
Matthew nodded and lay back down as well. “Yeah. It just never went that well. Only, uh, blowjobs really got me hard.” When Heath smiled, Matthew felt his face grow warm. “Uh, sorry.”
“Don’t be. I just flashed my dick at you, after all.”
“I didn’t mind.” He flushed even deeper when Heath chuckled at that.
“You sure you don’t want me to leave? Or get dressed? I promise I’m a gentleman.”
“Stay, really. There’s no electric blanket in the other room, just extra quilts. And there’s no central heating so if it gets cool at night, you just have to bundle up.”
“Or snuggle up?”
Matthew laughed nervously. “Something like that.”