Friday, February 12, 2016

New Release: Blood of the Moon (Dark Moon 3)

Blood of the Moon is now available!

Once Morgaine, the queen of the vampires, was dead, Gerard and his friends thought they would be safe. The vampires would go into hiding and forget about them. Despite being born into one of the most powerful vampire clans, Gerard had sided with the werewolves for over a year and managed to survive. He didn’t count on an old enemy returning from England with a powerful new ally. When someone precious is taken from him, he is pushed so far past his breaking point he and his adopted family realize just how far the war is from being over.



Gerard looked up when Quentin walked into the room. The look on his face told Gerard something had happened, something he wouldn’t like.
“What is it?”
Quentin sat down on the couch. “Luna was in Ashes tonight.”
Ashes was the bar Quentin had inherited from his father. He ran it with his brother-in-law Jason now that Bella was trying to stay with Mary more. Most of the clientele was human, but the werewolves who lived close enough to drive there did so often. Vampires left them alone nowadays, even though in the past the bar had burned suspiciously several times.
“You’re sure it was her? And she didn’t try to hide it?”
“She came right up to me and ordered two beers.”
“After sunset? She really is turned?”
He nodded. “I smelled her when she came in. She drank both beers herself and then left. No one came in or left in that interval. She seemed to be alone.”
Gerard had been able to handle Luna just fine when she was a stuck-up human. Now he had no way of knowing how powerful she was. From what Galen had said, Michael sounded like he was very powerful, possibly very old. Luna could have amazing powers if her sire had them.
“She didn’t bother anyone?”
“She smiled at one guy, but he turned away. He’s a werewolf, and he lives downtown somewhere by himself. His family’s gone, all dead. I might not have Bella’s power, but I know he wanted nothing to do with Luna as soon as he smelled her.”
“She’ll come around here, I’m sure. At least she can’t get in the house. If the spells blocked Galen’s entry, they must still work.”
Quentin shook his head. “Wish Roland had done something else right.”
Quentin was quiet most of the time, so even after a year Gerard didn’t know him well. He and Bella were opposites. He was reserved and cautious whereas she was bubbly and took chances. He had brown hair and eyes, and everything about him was average. Like Bella’s brother Jason, he tended to blend into the background. Gerard couldn’t blame anyone born a werewolf in this world for being like that. Something had been bothering him though.
“Simon doesn’t say much about it. Do other werewolves resent Roland now they know what he did?”
Quentin nodded slowly. “We could all be human, living human lives, if he hadn’t changed our ancestors. Instead of using magic to make an army, he should have tried to reason with his siblings. He hurt the human race the same way his father did.”
Gerard nodded. “I agree. It’s hard to defend him, even though he saved me.”
“Knowing the truth hasn’t changed anything though. Vampires will never stop hating us. I’m sure lots of them already knew the truth and laughed at us for believing the old legends they probably fed us. And they’ll never change.” He looked down. “I can’t agree with Galen’s optimism.”
“Rebecca’s going to meet his family. We can’t stop her. Do you think she’s safe?”
After a moment, Quentin said, “I trust Galen. He always smells old.”
“What do you mean?”
“He hasn’t taken blood from a human in a long time.”
Gerard nodded, making a mental note to see if he could tell the difference the next time he was near Galen. “We need to tell him about Luna. If she’s alone, he may be able to do something. She’s too unpredictable, and now she has powers. Even though she’s married now, he might still have authority as her clan’s leader.”
Quentin nodded. “I’m not going to tell Bella yet. She never reads my mind without asking.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes. She never leaves the house without me lately. You can tell Aria, and maybe she can help with that? She needs to go out more, even if she just came to the bar to see me and her brother.”
Gerard nodded. “Sure. I understand Bella’s caution, but she does need to get out some.”
“Thanks.” Quentin got up to leave.
“Can I ask one more thing?”
He stopped. “Sure.”
“Do you resent me for all that’s happened?” He felt nervous, mostly because he knew Quentin would be honest with him.
Quentin looked down at the floor for a long time. “Sometimes. But you’ve brought the worst of it on yourself.”
“I know. Bella’s going to have news for you when you get up there.”
“Aria’s pregnant.”
Despite how well Quentin hid most emotion, Gerard still saw a little anxiety on his face. “How is she doing? Bella had to go on bed rest within a month.”
“Good, as far as we can tell.”
“Thanks. It’s something else to worry about though.”
Quentin smiled. “Something wonderful too.”
Gerard smiled. “I know. I’m glad we’re here.”
“I am too. You’re Mary’s favorite superhero.”
Gerard raised his eyebrows. “Some superhero.”
“Look, I was being honest. Some days, I wish you’d never met Lucas and chosen to become a werewolf. But Simon’s right in a way. Everything happens for a reason. We all want you and Aria here.”
“Thanks. That means a lot.”
Quentin nodded and went upstairs.
Gerard sat back and looked up at the ceiling. That had been the longest conversation he’d ever had with Quentin, and he was glad he’d taken the chance and asked. It strengthened his resolve to take care of his adopted family.
The first step would be stopping whatever Luna had planned.