Thursday, February 25, 2016

New Release: Shadow of the Moon (Dark Moon 4)

The final Dark Moon book is here!


Rebecca and Chris should have been planning their wedding, but with Gerard gone and the other vampire leaders forcing Rebecca to take her place as a clan leader, they had little time for such happy thoughts. Their troubles worsen when Blake, a powerful vampire who had stayed silent at first, comes forward to threaten Rebecca and those she protects. If she marries Chris, a former vampire hunter, Blake will declare war on her and anyone who supports her. The werewolves who protected her and Gerard when they needed friends the most will suffer if she loses her power and authority, so she cannot step down but refuses to give in.

When Chris disappears, she tries to find Gerard. Did Chris leave to protect her? Or had something worse happened? Would she find Gerard? And even if she did, would he be able to help her?


Remy Bouchard came around the corner of the house and saw a stranger sitting on the deck. He looked around. Thirty minutes ago, Rebecca had been out here. She’d said she wanted to see him when he got a chance, so after running to the bank he’d come back to see what she needed. The stranger turned around when she sensed him standing there.
The blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman was breathtaking in a blue sundress that fit her every curve perfectly. Her golden hair fell in curly waves down her back. She smiled, and he couldn’t help smiling back. But then he smelled her blood. She was a vampire.
His smile faded. “Can I help you, ma’am?”
Her gaze wandered over him slowly. “Perhaps. You’re a magic user. And a werewolf, which is why that lovely and captivating smile faded so quickly. I’m Lisbeth. I’m a clan leader, and Galen wanted Rebecca to meet me.”
Remy released the breath he’d been holding and let his muscles relax. “Right. I knew that. I couldn’t read you though. I’m Remy Bouchard.”
“Nice to meet you. You’re a powerful psychic too. My my. But I’m over two hundred years old and had a powerful sire. You won’t be able to read me.” She smiled suggestively. “You’re southern. I’m guessing Louisiana. Your accent’s fading, but down there they know how to train a magic user.”
He tried to focus on thoughts that did not involve her gorgeous breasts or full lips. “Yes, I’m a lot of things, which means I need to stay away from you.”
“Does it?”
“Yes. Besides the fact you’re lookin’ at me like you wanna eat me, I know magic users are becomin’ rarer among vampires. I guess you could say I know my worth.” He tried to remain guarded. This woman was old and powerful. He could feel it. He really wished she weren’t so beautiful. He did not need that kind of complication right now.
“I’m sorry if I’ve offended you. I hope I see you again though. There’s something about you.”
“I think you’ve covered it: werewolf, psychic, magic user and not interested. I’m sure that would get most female vampires’ attention.”
“You are interested. You only reject the idea because you’re afraid.”
“Let’s have coffee one day then and see if my company is still so impressive. I mostly talk about horror movies and novels, just so you’re warned.”
“Sounds wonderful. I’ll refresh myself on the subject and hold you to that invitation.” She took a few steps backward. “Coffee. A date.” She smiled again and disappeared.
No mist, no transformation. She just vanished, confirming yet again she was very powerful.
“I was being sarcastic,” he muttered to no one. He let out a heavy sigh. “Hell. What have I done?”
He tried to look on the bright side. Galen trusted her enough to send her to Rebecca alone. She was beautiful. Those were two very good things. On the darker side, she was a vampire. She was old and strong enough to keep him out of her mind. She definitely wanted sex from him. Normally, that would be a good thing, but sex with a vampire was not something he wanted to experience. The blood of a magic user, whether a mortal or a werewolf or a vampire, drove vampires crazy. It did nothing special for them, but it smelled and tasted heavenly because vampires had been made with magic. It called to them. Luckily, it was so intoxicating a vampire was sated with only a few sips, but he didn’t want an addict on his hands. He’d been warned about vampires all his life, and his closest encounter with a very interested female vampire had been the most terrifying of his life.
He walked into the house to find Rebecca, hoping Lisbeth would lose interest before holding him to his unintended invitation.